Things I cared about in my twenties that I don’t care about in my thirties.

What other people think of me

I am not going to please everyone. Not everyone is going to like me. Not everyone is going to get me.

Before I might have gone the extra mile for people I just didn’t have much in common with. Now I’m fine to accept that I’m not going to click with everyone I meet.

Social media engagement

Maybe it was because I ran a social media agency, but I used to feel like I should be super active on social media and would obsess over follower numbers, likes and shares.

Now, if a post bombs, misses the mark, or the algorithm didn’t like it, I see it as data I can learn from and don’t take it personally in the same way.

Not knowing the plan

I sold my agency last year and didn’t know for sure what I’d do next. At first, I put pressure on myself to figure it out. Even before that, I’d need a plan for everything in my life.

Instead, I got good at loving the unknown, and patiently waited until the next steps unveiled.

Being the right shape

My body type wasn’t in fashion and I’d try to be slimmer and less defined. Well-meaning people would warn me against “getting too big” from training and I’d listen to them.

Now, the only person who gets a say is me.

What did you used to care about that you don’t anymore?