You are not normal, and that’s a good thing.

You’re special. You’re talented. Ambitious. You’re going places on your terms.

But hang out with normies and they’ll try to bring you down.

“Just stick to one thing!”
“Find a nice husband!”
“Get a secure job!”

Is what they’ll say.

The advice isn’t malicious. It’s meant with love. But it’s coming from fear.

The life you’re living doesn’t seem stable. The risks you’re taking might one day backfire. Shouldn’t you just keep your head down and make a comfortable living? Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry?

This happens in real life, and it happens online.

Extraordinary individuals are scared of showing up because of what others might think. Old work mates, keyboard warriors, people they went to school with.

Normal people.

Thousands of blogs are sitting in draft. Countless manuscripts went unpublished. Ideas for videos and articles never made it out the gate.

Afraid of the spotlight, terrified of commentary.

Why are you not hitting “publish?” Why are you not clicking “send?” Why are you not making those bold audacious moves with a large chance of mild failure but a small chance of astounding success?

Because of fear. Fear of what normal people will think.

Stop this now. Because here’s the thing.

Those normal people were once special too. Talented. Ambitious. They had dreams and goals and a quiet confidence they could make it.

But they didn’t act.

They let other people get in their head. They made excuses for not going live. They let their talent go to waste.

And they became normal.

Show up or move aside. Be exceptional or normal.

Your move.