ChatGPT is a powerful tool, but only if you know how to prompt effectively.

Here are 250+ prompts for entrepreneurs. Copy and paste each one straight into ChatGPT, edit to suit your business, and see what comes out. For each group of prompts, keep the chat window open so your information carries through.

Establish your unique company values and unlock a new level

Company value setting is no small exercise. With these five simple prompts you can create a set of values that align with your mission, clients and team and send you well on your way to the success you have in mind.

Align values with your mission

I want you to create our company values for [company name]. Before we proceed with defining our company values, let’s get absolutely clear on our mission statement for my company, which [describe what your company does] for [outline your target customer], who choose us because we help them achieve the outcome of [outcome you achieve for them]. Create a single paragraph mission statement that captures our purpose and direction and appeals to the goals of our target customer.

Secure team-wide buy-in

Our values must align with our mission and encapsulate the values of our team members, who join us because [include main reasons why]. They enjoy working for the company because [describe main reasons why]. Can you suggest 5 company values that match with our team’s experience and reasons for working with us?

Align values with customers

I also want to make sure our values resonate with our customers. Use the information from the target audience I described, plus additional context that they value [their values] and buy from us because [include information]. Can you suggest 5 additional values that will resonate with our customers.

Match desired behaviour

The values we create should have accompanying behaviours, which ensure our values are applied in practice. The desired behaviour from team members is [describe how you want your team to act, serve clients, and experience your company]. Can you suggest 5 values, which may be repeats of the ones already suggested, that encapsulate these behaviours?

Compile your values

From the information so far, including our team, customer and behaviour information, can you combine your suggestions into 4 core company values that are varied, as well as the 3 associated behaviours that each relate to? For example, a value of “Integrity” might mean associated behaviours of “own your responsibilities, don’t make excuses, and close open loops”. Use simple language that explains them to the team in an instructional way. From the values suggested so far, my favourites are [explain your favourites and why].

Make tough business decisions

These prompts were created with independent business advisor Brian O'Connor, who helps executives gain clarity and simplify their toughest decisions. Always conduct research before making a decision based on ChatGPT’s advice. Exercise due caution then make your choice and go for it.

Find the real problem

Act as a business consultant. I'm going to give you a list of problems and I want you to find the root cause underlying all these problems. Context: [Give background on you and where the problem is happening]. Here are the problems: [explain each of the problems]. What are 5 possible root causes creating these problems?

Explore your options

I’m [describe yourself in a work capacity] and trying to achieve [give context on your business goals]. The root cause of my problem is: [provide the likely root problem from the previous list]. The desired outcomes from solving this problem are (ranked in priority order): [describe your specific goals in order]. Given my problem and my goals, list the 5 best potential ways to solve the problem.

Assess the pros and cons

For each possible solution you just listed, act as an expert business analyst and outline the benefits and drawbacks of each in a bullet-pointed list. The benefits and drawbacks need to be specific to the information I provided about me and my situation.

Visualize each outcome

For each possible solution you listed, show me 3 possible outcomes: 1) Best case 2) Likely case 3) Worst case. Describe the case, then tell me what factors could cause each case to happen.

Rank your choices

Given my background, goals, and the pros and cons of each option, rank the solutions you gave me in order of how well they align with the following goals: 1) Specifically targeting the root cause 2) Help me achieve my goals 3) Have less significant downsides. Explain why you ranked each option that way.

Implement Gino Wickman’s traction in your business

These prompts were created with John Ainsworth, founder of Data Driven Marketing, a company that helps online course creators 2-5x their revenue. Combined with ChatGPT, Ainsworth suggests 5 simple ways to implement Traction’s teachings in your business.

Define your values

Suggest my 5 core business values based on the information I provide. We focus on [type of customer you want], and provide [type of services] services to our customers. We want our customers to have an experience whereby [describe the experience your ideal customer has]. We contribute to society by [if relevant, describe how your work benefits society]. What matters to me about how the business runs is [how you like the business to run], the way we make business decisions is by [describe how you make decisions]. Some of the positive feedback we get from customers is [describe typical feedback and/ or paste testimonials]. We want people to think about us as [describe the way an ideal client might think about your brand].

Explain your proven process

Act as a business operations specialist and create a description of my company’s proven process based on the following information. These are the steps that we take in our work [what you do for clients from when they first sign up till the job is complete] for this kind of client [type of client you work with]. Then create 5 catchy, on-brand names for this process.

Create a guarantee

Act as an expert marketing consultant and use the following information to create 5 options for guarantees we could give to prospects that would make them more likely to buy from us. The results I feel confident guaranteeing are [results here] as long as customers have got this kind of business [what kind of business they must have] and they do these things [what customers have to do to work well with you].

Establish your rocks

Acting as a business consultant, list 5 specific projects we should undertake to improve the business within the next quarter, based on the following information. The main issues we’re facing right now are [describe issues]. Our biggest strengths are [list your strengths], and our weaknesses are [list weaknesses]. I see the following opportunities for the business [list the opportunities] and these are the current threats we face [list external forces that are affecting your business].

Track data like a pro

Act as a business analyst and outline the main traction metrics applicable to my business. My business aims to [describe your short term business goals]. The main drivers towards these goals are [explain the inputs that contribute towards hitting your goals]. Include both inputs and outputs and when I should track them to check I am on target for achieving the goals.

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Create mantras that make you feel unstoppable at work

Contrary to popular belief on self-development, you don’t need to consume endless podcast episodes, social media posts or opinion pieces to become a better leader or entrepreneur. We don’t need to learn more, we need to be reminded of what we already know. Craft your personal mantras to ensure you stick to your path.

Channel your challenges

Produce three mantras that encapsulate the wisdom gained from my past experience and guide me through future obstacles. For context, a challenge that significantly shaped who I am is [describe the challenge and how you overcame it].

Play the long game

Produce three mantras that keep me aligned with my long term vision and motivated to achieve it. For context, in 10 years, I see myself [describe where you see yourself a decade from now].

Find inner peace

Produce five mantras that help me find calmness in challenging times. For context, when I'm stressed or in turmoil, I find peace by [describe activities or thoughts that bring you calmness].

Stay true your core values

Produce three succinct mantras that serve as a daily guide, to remind me of who I am. For context, the core values that are most important to me are [describe your top values].

Be right here

Produce three mantras that remind me to be fully present and make the most of each moment. For context, I find myself most present when [describe situations or activities where you feel fully engaged].

Make selling your business a reality

While ChatGPT will not buy your company, and it won’t do the work you need to do, it can advise you on how to set up for success. Here’s how entrepreneurs can get actionable insights from ChatGPT to sell their business effectively.

Make a robust plan

I want to sell my business which is [describe your business]. My perfect sale looks like: [describe your ideal outcome, timeframe, and any specific conditions]. I need to create actions, which I will carry out, to make this sale happen. What should my weekly plan look like, split by days, to make this vision a reality?

Find the right buyers

My business specializes in [describe your industry and niche], and the ideal buyer would be someone who [describe qualities of an ideal buyer in terms of who you want to own your business]. Where should I look to find potential buyers who fit this profile?

Craft your initial outreach

When reaching out to potential buyers, it's crucial to grab their attention while conveying professionalism and appealing to their best interests. My business's unique selling points are [list your unique selling points]. I want to engage a buyer who can benefit from buying my business by [explain the ways a purchase would benefit them]. How should I draft a series of four outreach messages that incorporate these points and engage potential buyers in a casual way, in which I assess their appetite and explain more when I have established they are interested?

Create a compelling pitch deck

I want to sell my business and I’m preparing to meet buyers. My business's key metrics include [list key metrics like revenue, customer base size, growth rate, etc.]. Give me the structure of a pitch deck that not only explains my business but also showcases it as a highly valuable asset. [If you’re using internet-enabled ChatGPT, add “Include industry statistics and potential growth opportunities for the business].

Prepare for questions

I’m preparing for a meeting with a potential buyer of my business. I think they might want to buy us because [list any potential synergies you know of]. List 20 questions that they might ask me in a meeting, and add bullet points under each one to explain what they will be looking for in my answer. Can you also give me 7 intelligent questions I should ask the potential buyer, to make sure they are the right people to trust with my brand, team and clients?

Prepare for scrutiny

I understand that due diligence is a critical phase in the business sale process. To expedite this phase and avoid any roadblocks, what documents and preparations should I have in place in advance? Give me a list of actions I should take to organize my business admin.

Productivity prompts to get more done today

An entrepreneur’s work never seems to be done, and doing anything is challenging when your focus and attention aren’t playing ball. Here’s how you prompt ChatGPT to help you become a more productive person.

Better manage your time

My biggest time-wasters during the day are [list your primary time-wasting activities, including those you should delegate or automate]. To help me manage my time better, suggest which items I eliminate from my schedule. For the rest, tell me how I delegate them or reduce these distractions.

Prioritize like a pro

I often feel overwhelmed because [describe what makes you feel overwhelmed, e.g., too many tasks, lack of organization], but I want to achieve [describe your ultimate goal]. What is a mantra or method to help me prioritize my daily tasks effectively? Tell me how I can use this in practice, to always do the most important thing first.

Use your energy

I feel most energetic during [describe the time of day or situations when you feel most energetic], and least energetic [explain when this tends to happen]. Today, my fixed commitments are [add details of your day’s schedule]. How can I align my most crucial tasks of [explain your most crucial tasks] with these high-energy periods?

Master procrastination

I tend to procrastinate when [describe the situations or types of tasks that make you procrastinate] and it causes me to [outline the activities you procrastinate with]. What can I do to catch myself doing it, overcome these triggers and get into action?

Access finer focus

I find it hard to focus when [describe the conditions or situations where you find it hard to focus]. What techniques can I employ to improve my focus and concentration?

Transform your sales approach

Whether it’s a key part of your role, you don’t consider yourself a natural salesperson or the word itself makes you cringe, here’s how to use ChatGPT to make some small changes that could change your game without overhauling how you operate.

Pitch perfectly

When I pitch my product or service, I usually say [describe your current sales pitch]. However, I find that it doesn't resonate well when [describe situations or types of customers where it falls short]. How can I refine my pitch for better impact? Give me the top 3 most powerful changes I could make.

Tell better stories

I'm bored with the usual sales scripts. How can I incorporate storytelling elements like plot twists, suspense, or even cliffhangers to make my sales pitches unforgettable? Elements of my journey and company that people seem to find interesting are [include them here].

Apply Jedi mind tricks

I understand basic persuasion techniques, but I want to go deeper. My current sales process includes [describe elements of your sales operation.] What are some advanced psychological tactics, akin to 'Jedi mind tricks,' that I can use to subtly influence prospects during sales conversations? Give me the top 3 that will be the most powerful for my business and our sales process.

Make it a game

I love the idea of making sales feel like a game for my prospects. My sales process includes [outline the steps of your sales process]. What are some inventive ways to gamify the sales process, making it not just profitable but also fun for everyone involved?

Learn sales seduction

I've heard that romantic and sales relationships have similarities in the persuasion process. How can I apply principles from the art of seduction to make my sales techniques irresistibly captivating?

Feel invincible at work

When you feel like you need a personal cheerleader, but don’t want to ask your friends, enter ChatGPT. Use these 5 prompts to dig into your feelings and transform them, for the benefit of your life, work and happiness.

Transform low confidence

When I am feeling unconfident it’s often because [describe why you might feel unconfident] which means I [describe what you do when you lack confidence] which results in [describe the reactions to this behavior]. Suggest three simple confidence exercises that will help me feel confident so I stop behaving in this way.

Master self-talk

When I'm doubting myself, I tend to say things like [list the negative things you say to yourself] to myself. How can I rephrase these into positive affirmations that make me feel unstoppable? Give me some alternatives for each one, from gentle reminders to tough love.

Conquer your fears

I avoid taking risks because I fear [describe your specific fears]. This has led to [describe missed opportunities or setbacks]. What are some actionable steps to conquer these fears and seize opportunities?

Win the mental game

When faced with setbacks, my initial reaction is [describe your emotional response]. How can I develop mental resilience to bounce back stronger and feel invincible? Give me some tactics to incorporate into my day.

Find your tribe

I feel most supported when [describe situations or people that make you feel supported], but lack support when [describe when you feel unsupported]. How can I build a strong support network to make me feel invincible?

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Overcome limiting beliefs (and unlock your success)

If you have limiting beliefs, they will be holding you back. Using these prompts you can find and reduce them with a little help from ChatGPT, and soar to new heights in your life and work.

Identify your limiting beliefs

I want to identify any limiting beliefs I may have, that might be holding me back. I am [give your demographics, including age, location, other stats] and my work is [describe your role, business]. I would like to be [describe your business goals] and I am currently [describe where you are right now]. In the gap between these two places are my limiting beliefs. I suspect they may be [give any information you already have], but can you give me possible limiting beliefs I may have based on what you know?

Create new beliefs

I think I may have the limiting beliefs of [include the ones ChatGPT suggested that you think you may have] and I’d like to replace them with new, empowering beliefs. For each one, give me an alternative, opposite belief that will better serve my business endeavors and ensure I’m not held back. For each new belief, add an explanation of why it might be true.

Replace old habits

Living in accordance with my old limiting beliefs meant I upheld certain habits. Tell me the habits that people with the same limiting beliefs often have, and why, and suggest alternatives to replace them with. Give me a plan of how I replace each old habit within 30 days.

Visualize success

To keep me on track I want to imagine what the ultimate success looks like. Given what you know about my business goals and who I am, write a 60-second script, from the perspective of myself in the future, where I talk about my new life that is free from limiting beliefs, and how I feel right now. End the visualization with a mantra I can repeat each day.

Track your progress

I want to track my progress living in accordance with the new beliefs that will replace my old, limited beliefs. Can you create a 30-day checklist, that I can tick every day, with actions that have contributed to doing this successfully? Export this into a table I can copy and paste into a spreadsheet.

Craft a compelling founder story

Founders often mumble through interviews, giving vague information. But a memorable founder story has to be intentional. Craft the narrative that others will remember for a long time to come. These prompts will ensure your story makes a bigger impact.

Open strong

I started my business [describe the time period] when I was [describe what you were doing before] because [explain why you started it]. My top realizations were [explain the realizations that led to you starting] and the breakthroughs of the first few months were [explain what they were.] Can you use this information to suggest options for the opening lines of my founder story in an engaging and compelling way?

Be memorable

Some of the most memorable experiences of my business journey so far were [describe the experiences you’ve had]. How can I describe each of these events in a way that leaves a lasting impression? Continue from the strong opening lines just created to lead into some stories about my journey. Pull out the following characteristics in these stories [explain how you want to portray yourself to others].

Resonate well

At the start of my journey I had challenges including [describe your challenges, for example financial situation, home life, lack of role models, limiting beliefs, need for security, fear of rejection] but I overcame these to be where I am now. How can I best convey this theme to make my story resonate with a wide audience, in a way that makes them feel inspired and want to support me?

Deliver impeccably

When I’m telling my story, especially this element: [paste one story element from your ChatGPT chat], I want to deliver it in the best possible way. Act as a storytelling coach and explain how I should deliver each line for maximum impact, including delivery of the climactic moment.

Leave a lasting impression

I want my story to leave people feeling [describe the emotion or thought you want to evoke] and compelled to [reaction you want them to have, for example share with a friend]. Give me options for a powerful closing statement or scene that achieves this outcome.

Supercharge your recruitment

Even if you’re rushed off your feet, do recruitment right. These prompts can save you time and make it more likely you’ll find some awesome talent.

Create a compelling job description

I’m hiring for a new team member who will carry out the responsibilities of [enter responsibilities] with the goal of [add information about the goal of their role.] It’s important that this person is [describe the qualities you want this person to have]. They will report to [job title] who is responsible for [their role description]. Really cool things about this role are [describe the key points]. Create a job description with a strong opening paragraph that grabs attention, a succinct list of the role’s main responsibilities, and section with the header ‘Apply if you fit the following description,’ followed by a bullet point list of the ideal candidate. Add a section for the salary and benefits, which are [enter details] and explain how someone applies for this role, which are [describe how someone applies]. [Link to a Google Form where you collect information of interested candidates].

Filter applicants quickly

I am uploading a spreadsheet of the applicants received for the role with job description as follows: [paste job description]. Can you go through this spreadsheet and sort the candidates by how well they match the job description’s requirements. Display them in order of most to least suitable and create a table with the information so I can contact the best candidates about the next stage. Please mark any candidate who [any specific information that would make someone unsuitable] as unsuitable for the role and explain why.

Ask better interview questions

I am hiring for the role with job description as follows: [paste job description]. I am seeing candidates for [length of interview] and want to test their suitability for the role. Create a set of interview questions for this interview. For each one, include follow up questions. Describe the competency each question tests, add information about what I should look for in a good response. Finally, and this is important, give a scoring framework for the entire interview, so I can compare candidates when the interviews are complete.

Hire in a fair and inclusive way

I want to make sure I am hiring in a fair and inclusive way. Use this job description and role requirements: [paste them here]. Tell me the potential biases that I may encounter in this hiring process, and how to avoid them. Explain how I can take additional steps to avoid stereotypes or accidental discrimination and ensure diversity and inclusion in my selection process.

Improve their onboarding

I want a successful onboarding process for my new team member, whose role has the following responsibilities: [paste role responsibilities]. Within their probation period of [duration] I want to make sure that (a) I have the right person (b) play to their strengths and (c) my company is seen as a great place to work. Create an onboarding plan for this new hire, over this duration, split into [days/weeks/months] and list what should happen within each time period to ensure a successful onboarding and a successful probationary period for both parties.

Overcome imposter syndrome (and 10x your business)

These prompts were created with Jade Bonacolta, marketing team lead at Google, and creator in the productivity niche. Prove to yourself that you deserve to be in any room and silence those nagging doubts. Train ChatGPT to become your highly-capable executive coach with these 7 prompts.

Get good at self-promotion

Review my resumé and the product/service I offer. Give me 6 compelling reasons why I’m the best option that my target audience of [explain your target audience] could choose. Craft a short pitch explaining my unique value proposition, specifically what sets me apart from my competitors. My resumé is [insert your experience] and my offer is [insert product, service or business description]. My target audience is [insert demographics, firmographics] with the following pain points [insert challenges.]

Become a better negotiator

I’m negotiating with [describe the other party, for example a client] on [insert topic or proposal] where I want the outcome to be [describe your dream outcome]. Generate a list of 10 questions I should ask in order for me to better understand their non-negotiables. Then make a list of the possible BATNAs (best alternatives to a non-agreement) that I should consider. And finally, help me decide [key decision you want to make, for example your walkaway price].

Speak better in public

Review my experience and background from my resumé. Write a compelling, 2-minute founder story that immediately grips the audience’s attention. [Copy and paste your resumé along with any interesting information about your founder story and audience].

Address uncomfortable conversations

I need to deliver feedback to [person’s name and their relationship to you] about [nature of the feedback including details]. Provide me with a specific script to share that feedback and inform this person that it’s coming. My goal is to [desired outcome, for example make them feel safe and understood], while clearly communicating my boundaries and expectations. Draft 10 questions [person’s name] will likely ask in response to my feedback and suggest how I should respond to each one.

Say no with conviction

The following five opportunities have come up, but I can only say yes to one of them. [List the opportunities]. Help me prioritize which one to accept based on my goal of [describe your one business goal]. Then write four extremely elegant notes to decline the other opportunities. The decline emails should be respectful and preserve those relationships for the future.

Network like a pro

I’m about to meet [outline person and their role] who is [describe their position or interests] and I want to build rapport. Generate a list of 15 unique questions tailored to that person that will help me stand out and demonstrate my curiosity in their work.

Build mental toughness

Give me 10 ideas for a misogi that I could attempt within the next two weeks in the following location [insert the location of your challenge], for example [include misogi examples appropriate for you]. Then create a rational plan of how I can complete that misogi.

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Write your tweets in 3 simple steps

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your personal brand, getting good at writing tweets is an excellent place to start. Ask ChatGPT to give you a helping hand with this 3-step series of prompts, to supercharge your output both in quality and quantity.

Give the context

I'd like some help composing tweets for my brand. They're going to be promotional tweets, and I want them to be really compelling. The primary target audience for the tweets is [describe audience]. One of their biggest concerns is [describe biggest pain point]. One of their biggest underutilised assets is [describe their underutilised assets]. Our solution is [explain your business]. Do you understand what I'm looking for? Don't create any tweets yet.

Provide direction

That summary is accurate, thank you. The structure of the tweets should be as follows. (1) A hook: attention grabbing, compelling, makes my target audience want to learn more. (2) Second line: continues the hook in such a way that they keep reading. (3) Third and fourth line: what my company does and the value it adds. (4) Final line: something that leads into an image or gif, to explain how my target audience can achieve the benefits the hook has presented. This is an example of a tweet that fits this structure [include a tweet you want to emulate]. Please suggest 5 more tweets that fit this structure that are appealing and compelling to our target audience based on what I've explained.

Ask for edits

They're great, thank you. For the next batch of 5, I'd like for them to be slightly less [adjective]. Really focus on [what you’d like ChatGPT to focus on] but without [what you’d like it to do less of]. Secondly, tone down [anything ChatGPT has overdone] and instead [give direction on the edits]. Here's some additional context for you: [provide any additional context].

Unlock game-changing insights

These prompts were created with Aadit Sheth, founder and lead writer of Prompts Daily. Here’s how to use ChatGPT’s code interpreter feature, for the benefit of your entire company. Visit, click the three dots on the bottom left, click settings & beta, beta features, and toggle on code interpreter.

Find areas for improvement

I want you to act as a customer feedback analyst. Given a CSV file containing customer feedback from recent surveys, from customers of my business that [explain what your business does] and serves [describe who your customers are], your task is to categorize the feedback into themes and identify the top three areas that require improvement based on their frequency and sentiment. Ensure your analysis is thorough and accurate, as it will help us prioritize our efforts for improving customer satisfaction.

Spot trends and unlock overlooked niches

I want you to act as a data analyst specializing in Google Trends data. I have a CSV file containing Google Trends search volume for keywords related to my business niche of [describe your niche] over the past 5-10 years. Please analyze the data and highlight any significant long-term shifts, seasonal patterns, or changes you notice in search behavior over time. When do searches spike or dip? Have any new upward trends emerged in recent years? What does this data suggest about evolving interests and demand for my niche over the years? Please summarize any meaningful relationships, correlations or patterns you find that provide insights into how this niche's search trends have changed.

Supercharge your tweets

I want you to act as a data analyst for my CSV file containing analytics from my tweets. The file consists of various tweet data, and I need your expertise to categorize them into specific content themes, for example [suggest some themes for your content]. Once the categorization is done, I want you to calculate the mean and median number of likes for each category. This analysis will help me understand the engagement and popularity of different content types within my tweets. Please present this data in a table format.

Visualize your sales data

Act as a data analyst for our sales data visualization project. Create visualizations that effectively break down revenue by product line and region. Specifically, generate a bar chart to display the sales for each product category. Additionally, create a pie chart that represents the percentage of total sales derived from each region. Please ensure that the visualizations are visually appealing and easy to understand by using our company hex colour of [include your brand’s hex colour] and clearly labeled data.

Improve your online advertisements

I want you to act as a data analyst for my recent Facebook ad campaigns and sales data. I've uploaded the data, now I need your expertise in identifying the best months in terms of ROI. Additionally, I'd like you to explain any noticeable sales trends based on ad spend. Please analyze the data and provide insights on the months that yielded the highest return on investment, as well as any significant trends you observe in sales data related to ad spending. Suggest some trials I should run with my ads, to improve my results.

Find your inner confidence

Use ChatGPT as your personal AI confidence coach, to help you get back on track in no time. Implement the responses and assess how you feel after using every prompt.

Create personalized journal questions

At the moment I’m feeling [describe how you feel right now.] Create a set of questions that I can journal on, that will help me regain my inner confidence and feel more motivated to begin my day and do my work.

Get a personal diagnosis

In the last few months, these events have happened: [explain the main events of the last few months]. Can you explain why I might be feeling less confident than normal right now, and explain why I should in fact be feeling more confident.

Find a mantra that resonates

I’m looking for a mantra that will remind me that I have everything I need within myself, for confidence and to show up without fear. My favourite artists, authors and thought-leaders are [name your favourites]. Suggest some mantras that might resonate with me, that I can repeat daily.

Create a confidence meditation

Can you create a script for a personalized confidence meditation, for me, [your name]. This should use the information explained so far to produce a 60 second script for a meditation. This script should put my mind at ease, remind me of my inner confidence, and include a breathing or visualization exercise to help me stress and worry less. I should leave the meditation feeling ready to face the day.

Apply The Art of War to your business

The Art of War is written on the topic of military warfare, but its lessons have since been applied to business and entrepreneurship. Thoughtfully and ethically using these principles will generate gains for your business on a whole new level.

Know yourself and your enemy

Help me know my company better, so I can understand our unique strengths. My company does [describe your company’s purpose] for [describe your ideal customer] and we have been [explain how long you’ve been running and any milestones you have achieved]. If a customer is really happy it’s likely because [explain your strengths in serving clients], if we lose a prospect or a customer it’s likely because [explain why someone may go elsewhere]. Act as a business coach and give a summary of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, resources and capabilities. Tell us how we could improve so competitors don’t overtake us.

Strategic positioning and timing

My company operates within the industry of [name your industry], categorized by [explain the nature of your industry in terms of other players and the niche you sit within]. Given what you know about our strengths, suggest where we are uniquely placed to dominate this industry or provide unique value for customers.

Adopt a more flexible strategy

I want to learn how my business can become more adaptable. Given what you know about our industry and what we do for our customers, act as an expert on economics and human behaviour and give predictions on what might happen within the next five years. Make calculated suggestions for how we could overcome any obstacles.

Incorporate deception

Act as a public relations consultant, tasked with ensuring we share the right information with the right people at the right time. Suggest elements of our business we should keep private, and what measures we should put in place to make sure they stay private. Give guidance on the right time to disclose this information, if at all.

Lead by example

When my team frustrates me it’s because they [describe the behaviour of specific team members that you believe is suboptimal]. Given that I want to inspire, motivate and guide my team, rather than berate and scare them, suggest how I might discuss these areas with them in order to effect change.

Be more Elon Musk

There’s no one more Elon than Elon. The way he runs his companies, organizes his day, works around the clock and doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks can be incorporated into how you live your life and grow your business. If you don’t care about offending, you just want to be more Elon, here are the prompts to try with ChatGPT.

Lay down the law

Compose an email to my team to explain that they are now required to [what they are required to do]. Give a compelling reason as to why this is compulsory. Explain that any variations have to be personally approved by me. Explain that anyone who doesn’t act accordingly will be assumed to have resigned. Copy the style of this email written by Elon Musk, which includes phrases like: [paste phrases from Musk’s original email here].

Schedule in 5-minute blocks

My mission in my business is [describe your mission or main goal] and my responsibilities include [describe your main responsibilities]. I have the following people to help me do this: [describe your team or contractors.] Every minute counts. Can you split my waking hours, from [time you wake up] to [time you go to sleep] into 5-minute increments where you outline what I should do in order to be as productive as possible with minimal wasted time. Make sure you include [describe the essential components of your day].

Collect negative feedback

Write a casual email to my friend [their name] asking them to share negative feedback about me. Ask for criticism and critique about any aspect of my character, appearance, or what I say or do. Specifically, [describe a situation you want their feedback on]. Tell them it will help me improve and I value their opinion. Explain that they shouldn’t worry about offending me.

Make improvements

In the last week, my main actions were [describe what you mainly did in the last week]. Can you create a set of reflective questions for each, so I can think about how I could improve in each one next time? My goal is to achieve [describe the main goal you want to achieve]in my business, so make the questions in line with that outcome.

Cancel meetings

Someone has asked me for a meeting because [reason they called the meeting]. They are important because [explain who they are and why they matter] but I don’t want the meeting. I would prefer to [how you’d prefer to solve the problem]. Write an email response to this person that suggests an alternative way of solving this problem in a polite way, that progresses us to a solution without me appearing rude. Include why it’s in their best interests to do it this way.

Work twice as much

I currently work about [number] hours per week and my main focus is [describe what you spend your time doing]. My one business goal is [your main business goal] and I expect this will take [duration]. Act as a business expert and imagine I am your client. I have told you I will now work [number that is approximately double] hours per week. Suggest what I should do with this time in order to ramp up output and achieve my goals faster.

Make fast decisions

Within my company we are currently deciding the following things: [explain the decision you are making]. We want to make these decisions faster, and then commit to them. Given our company, [company name and one-line explainer], in the industry of [your industry] with the main goal of [describe your main goal] for [describe your target audience], can you solve each decision with one definitive answer?

Find the cause of problems

In my business right now the main problem is [describe the main problem in your business]. When we talk about it, we end up addressing the symptoms of this problem, rather than digging deeper and finding the root cause. Can you suggest what the underlying root cause of this problem is? Give 1-3 potential options and for each one explain how we solve the cause of the problem so that the problem may ultimately be solved.

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Apply Atomic Habits to your business

Atomic Habits by James Clear has sold over 15 million copies worldwide and been translated into over 50 languages. It helps people build good habits and break bad ones. Here are six insights that are especially relevant for ambitious leaders. Combining these with information from your work and responses from ChatGPT, you can make powerful changes that will bring benefits for years.

Make 1% improvement

I want to become better at [enter your area for improvement] by approximately 1% every single day, inspired by the concept of marginal gains. At the moment I would describe my proficiency as [explain how good you are now and why]. Can you outline a plan of the small actions I should take each day in order to improve by 1%? Include these within the context of a week, month, quarter and yearly plan.

Follow the laws of behavioural change

I want to start the habit of [explain the habit you want to begin] from a starting point of [explain what you already do]. According to the book, Atomic Habits, I should create a cue, a craving, a response and a reward around this habit. Can you suggest how I might do this in practice?

Stack your habits

During my normal day I already do these things regularly: [describe the habits you already have]. Given that I want to start [explain the habits you want to start] how can I use the concept of habit stacking, where you pair a new habit with an existing one, to make this easy and satisfying, so I am more likely to keep it going?

Optimize your environment

I want to plan my workspace to minimize distractions so I can create better working habits. As I look now, I can see [describe your current field of vision] and I can hear [describe every sound around you]. Suggest ways I can optimize my environment for productivity.

Adapt your identity

Given the habits that I want to create, can you suggest the identity it would be beneficial for me to adopt? Create a list of mantras that start with, “I am” to describe this identity.

Find positive peer pressure

Given the habits I want to create and the person I want to become, can you suggest the groups of people it would be beneficial for me to associate with? What types of people should I look to spend more time with and how could I go about finding them?

Supercharge your confidence and self-belief

Everyone needs a confidence boost every now and then. Entrepreneurs included. If you’re feeling down on your convictions, unsure of your path, and you seem to have misplaced your business mojo, this one's for you.

Create the movie of your life

Create a dramatic synopsis for a movie where the main character is a hero based on me, [your name]. Within this movie, I am on a mission to [describe your main business or life goal], overcoming challenges brought by [describe your one main challenge]. I am helped along my journey by people including [outline your closest few friends, colleagues or family members]. Make the storyline inspirational and result in ultimate victory, both for me as the main character but also for the world as this mission comes to fruition and benefits everyone.

Evaluate your key skills

Throughout my journey so far I have picked up skills from research, education and experience. These skills are [describe your key skills in detail]. Sometimes I forget that these skills are valuable and it leads me to feel unconfident. Can you outline three reasons why each of my skills is valuable and include options for how I could apply them to make more progress? I need reminding of my powers so I don’t underestimate them.

Design your superhero character

Create a superhero character based on the skills I described, based on me, [your name]. Give this superhero character a name, an outfit and a sidekick. Describe this character’s personality and explain why they have the power to be so heroic.

Listen to your eulogy

Act as if today is my funeral and write my eulogy, that will be read by a beloved friend. Based on the above, include how I made a difference to the world, how I made people feel, and what they will miss about me. Describe how my legacy will live on even after I’m gone.

Get a motivational pep talk

Act as if you are a motivational coach, tasked with giving me a pep talk to prepare me for my day. Act as if I am feeling unconfident and unmotivated, and with what you know about me and my mission it’s your role to get me ready to attack it. Use the style of [your favourite well-known motivational speaker] to deliver this message.

Increase your business IQ

Your business IQ develops with experience, but just because you’ve been in business a long time, doesn’t mean yours is high. Here’s how to use ChatGPT to increase your business IQ.

Understand your why

I want to understand what motivates and drives me so I can apply the insights to my business. Imagine you are a high-level entrepreneur psychologist tasked with figuring this out. For context, the three things I would say are my biggest work achievements are: [describe your three biggest achievements]. They meant so much to me because [describe why they meant a lot]. I enjoy tackling a challenge when it has these components: [describe the components] and I become demotivated when [explain when you become demotivated]. Based on this information, can you summarize my ‘why’ in a single sentence? Please provide options for what this might be.

Identify your traction metrics

My business aims to [describe your short term business goals]. The main drivers towards these goals are [explain the inputs that contribute towards hitting your goals]. Imagine you are a business analyst. Can you outline the main traction metrics applicable to my business? Include both inputs and outputs and when I should track them to check I am on target for achieving the goals.

Identify black swans

My business operates within the field of [explain your field or industry]. A black swan event is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Can you preempt some potential black swan events in my industry or in business in general, that could happen within the next decade? For each, suggest what I would do to mitigate the risk of it being detrimental.

Find hidden performance indicators

Within my business we track [outline the metrics you regularly track in your business] towards our goals of [describe your business goals]. Play the role of a business analyst tasked with digging into the data. Can you suggest any metrics that we don’t currently track that could be useful indicators of performance? For each one, explain why it could be relevant and which of those do you think is the most important for us to track?

Create a growth strategy

Given what you know about my business, my ‘why’, our traction metrics and hidden performance indicators, can you suggest a strategy for growth? Include potentially far-fetched ideas that we likely haven’t thought of before. Incorporate a period of testing for each idea and explain how I could test its effectiveness before continuing or moving to something else. Put the ideas in order of quickest win to most effort.

Be a more effective CEO

CEOs look to constantly improve so they can play at higher levels and achieve more for the collective good. Here’s how ChatGPT can help them do just that.

Create an inspiring vision

The company I run is [describe the nature of your company] and it achieves [outcome you achieve] for [target audience you serve]. So far we have helped [describe the scale of impact you have made]. I want to go bigger with our vision. I want to create a huge mission that will inspire people to get behind us and support us, both our team and external parties. Can you suggest wording for a new, inspiring vision that takes what we do to a whole new level?

Improve communication

This is an example of a message I send to [audience of the message] with the purpose of [goal of the communication]. Please rewrite the text in a way that makes it more [compelling/persuasive/assertive] and tell me what you have changed and why: [Include message here].

Keep perspective

When I feel overwhelmed I lose perspective and I find it easy to become [angry, irritable, negative, highly-strung]. One example of this was [give an example of where you lost perspective]. Imagine you are a high-level advisor to visionary CEOs. Can you give me some practical guidance on how I can keep perspective and continue to lead my company well?

Get more from your team

Here’s a list of the people in my team and their roles and responsibilities [include a list]. At the moment, our main challenges are [describe your main challenges in your team], the most important of which is [mention the most important]. Imagine you are a coach in the field of team performance. How would you suggest I make changes or improvements in my organization to improve my team in terms of [metric you want to improve]?

Improve self-awareness

I want to improve my self-awareness so I can become a better CEO. My main skills are [describe your main skills] and I believe my main weaknesses are [include your main weaknesses] but I potentially have others. I would describe my personality as [explain your personality and character traits as a CEO]. If I fail at something, it’s often because [describe the main reason things go wrong]. Can you act as a high-level leadership coach and tell me what I may be missing, based on elements of my personality and actions that I explained?

Transform your entrepreneur lifestyle

If you’re running a company that feels like it’s running you, make a change. Draw a line under where you are right now and begin a new chapter. Commit to finding a new way forward that involves you enjoying the results of your insanely hard work. Transform your entrepreneur lifestyle with these five simple yet powerful prompts.

Establish your lifestyle goals

My business goals are clear but my lifestyle goals are not. Adopt the role of a lifestyle consultant, tasked with making sure I live my best life as an entrepreneur. Use the following information to create a set of lifestyle goals that I should aim to achieve within the next [number] years. When I’m not working I like to [describe what you like to do] with [people you like to spend time with]. Ideally I spend [number] hours per week not working, but involved in activities that [describe the ideal outcome of these activities]. What should my goals be and therefore my plan of action for achieving them?

Figure out what to subtract

I can only achieve my lifestyle goals if I subtract nonessential items from my week right now. Otherwise I won’t have the time. You are tasked with ruthlessly cutting things out of my schedule that don’t need to be in there. Given that my business goals are to [describe your business goals in a simple way], look at my weekly schedule and suggest things I can cut out. For each suggestion, explain how much time it would save and the effect of cutting it out: [Include your weekly schedule split by hour].

Identify what you can delegate

Within my task list there are things that other people could potentially do. Given that my specific skills are in [describe your specific skills] but I want to free up [number] hours of time to focus on my lifestyle, which elements of my task list do you suggest I delegate? For each item, suggest who I could delegate it to, and the steps I should take to ensure it’s a success. Within my team I currently have, [describe your team structure and individuals] and my task list is [copy and paste your task list].

Create better processes

If I had better processes within my business I could free up more time. Knowing my business of [describe your business] and the tasks I am responsible for [outline these tasks and processes], suggest where I should create or modify my existing processes to do more work more efficiently. For each change, suggest an action plan and include what difference it could make.

Uncover your limiting beliefs

I want to improve my lifestyle as an entrepreneur but something is holding me back. Can you play the role of a compassionate and intelligent psychologist and figure out what it is? I don’t know for sure, but I think I’m afraid of [describe your fears in spending more time on your lifestyle]. I’m worried that [elaborate on any worries] if I do [outline an action you could take that might have undesirable consequences]. Use this information to uncover any limiting beliefs I hold and suggest how I could reframe this situation.

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Unleash your entrepreneurial genius

You are probably a genius. But you probably don’t act like a genius most of the time. Every day, ordinary people and ordinary activities will try to knock your genius level down a few pegs, and you’ll follow along without questioning their intention. Regain your entrepreneurial genius and make it work for you.

Think in first principles

My business is [describe what your business does and how it serves its audience]. Can you describe my business using the first principles method (the practice of questioning every assumption you think you know about a given problem, then creating new solutions from scratch), and outline new ways I can think about how it operates.

Resonate deeper with customers

I want my business to be integral to the lives of its customers. Given that my business is [describe your business] whose ideal customer is [describe your ideal customer], what can you tell me about their biggest challenges and deepest desires, and how can I make sure my business speaks to their needs?

Find the platonic ideal

My business is [describe what your business does and how it serves its audience]. I want to think about my business in terms of the platonic ideal. Imagining the platonic ideal means visualizing your solution in its most perfect form before attempting to create it in reality. This means the focus is on the perfect product rather than the perfect application of what happens to be my existing skillset. Describe my business in terms of this platonic ideal.

Know who to ask for help

At the moment my biggest challenge is [explain your biggest challenge] and I want to find a solution that [describe your ideal outcome]. Can you suggest the type of person I should ask for help with this challenge, as well as how I could reach out to them and what specific questions I should ask? Name some specific people who have experience in solving this type of problem.

Implement The 4-Hour Workweek in your business

Tim Ferriss’ book, The 4-Hour Workweek, was first published in 2007 and spent four weeks on the bestseller lists. The 308 pages hold a plethora of concepts to apply to your life and work. Here’s how to use ChatGPT to implement the most powerful five.

Apply Pareto’s Principle

I'm an entrepreneur looking to optimize my business operations. I'd like to perform a Pareto analysis to identify the 20% of activities that yield 80% of my desired outcomes. Can you help me identify which tasks or areas I should focus on to achieve the most significant impact with less time investment? My business is [describe your business], my goals are [outline your business goals] and each week I [outline how you spend your time each week].

Join the new rich

I'm an entrepreneur striving to achieve a 'new rich' lifestyle where wealth is measured in experiences and freedom, not just finances. Inspired by the concept of mini-retirements from The 4-Hour Workweek, I want to design a life where I have the flexibility to enjoy extended breaks throughout my career. My business is [outline your business] and my role is [describe your role.] The experiences I value are [describe what you do outside work] and I enjoy spending time [outline other activities you enjoy doing]. Can you (1) define my version of the 'new rich' and (2) identify potential opportunities for mini-retirements I could take?

Delegate, automate, eliminate

Within my business I believe there are tasks I could delegate, automate and eliminate. Given that our revenue goal is [describe your revenue goal] and the activities that contribute towards this are [outline what contributes towards making sales], of which I am personally responsible for [say which you do yourself], can you identify tasks that could be delegated, automated or eliminated? For each one, say why, outline the next steps and explain how much time it could save.

Cultivate selective ignorance

Within any given day there are a lot of things that try to get my attention. These include people such as [describe the people who ask you for things and what they ask for] and websites [include the websites you are notified or distracted by]. Cultivating selective ignorance means being happy to let things slide in order to free up time and headspace for what matters. Imagine you’re a productivity expert, can you suggest (a) what processes I should put in place so my team can progress without my involvement and (b) what I should intentionally ignore in order to protect my headspace?

Create your email autoresponder

I want to create a [tone, for example friendly and direct] email autoresponder that will be sent to everyone that emails me and serve the purpose of [purpose, for example them being directed elsewhere to have their problem solved and not expecting an immediate response from me]. People usually email me about the following items, and I respond with the following answers: [list common topics people email you about the corresponding answer]. Can you create an email autoresponder that politely directs people to visit the appropriate web page or how-to video to solve their problem, so they are not waiting on me for a response? Use the style of this one: [paste an example of which you like the style and tone, perhaps from Ferriss’ blog].

Prompts to start a side hustle

Use ChatGPT for advice and guidance on your side hustle journey and see if you learn anything new. Even if you have a plan, its responses could uncover ways forward you hadn’t considered.

Assess your resources

Here are the resources I already have available: [include details of any savings or income, time available, network members, specialist skills or knowledge], as well as strong personality traits of [describe the strengths of your personality, for example hard working, tenacious, confident]. Can you list my top five resources in order of how useful they will be in starting a side hustle? For each one, explain why it’s useful and what I should do to make the most of it.

Get business ideas

My main interests and passions are [describe your main interests and passions] and my network includes people who [describe the demographics of people in your network]. Given what you know about my resources, can you suggest 10 side hustle ideas I could start? My goal is to spend [number] hours per week on this project and for it to bring in [amount of money] per [frequency] within [goal for achieving this revenue.]

Plan the first few steps

I’d like to explore this idea in more detail: [include the idea you like the best]. Outline a 10-point plan that details the exact steps I should take, with an explainer for each, to make this business a success. Base this on me working [number of hours per day or week] on this venture.

Create financial goals

Given my financial goals of [amount of money] per [frequency] within [goal for achieving this revenue], suggest metrics that I should track to ensure I am on target for this goal. Include how often I should report on this metric. Finally, include a revenue and profit forecast by month, in line with my main financial goal.

Get the confidence to go for it

Play the role of a motivational coach. I am someone who is planning to start a side hustle but I’m having doubts. I’m questioning my abilities and I’m feeling afraid of taking risks, failing, and embarrassing myself. Give me the confidence that I can succeed in my side hustle. Include what you know about my strengths to reinforce what you say.

Be a better entrepreneur

Improving as an entrepreneur is a constant process, add another tool to your arsenal by enlisting the help of ChatGPT.

Establish your values

Please create a set of values for me as an entrepreneur, based on the information I’ll explain. I’ll use these values to make decisions and ensure I’m acting consistently. The things that are most important to me in life are: [describe what they are]. The qualities I most admire in other people are [describe what they are] and the qualities I most detest in other people are [describe what they are]. I do my work in order to achieve [describe your ideal outcomes].

Identify your main goal

I want to achieve lots of things for my business, including: [describe the main things you want to achieve in your career]. Can you help me simplify this into one overarching goal and accompanying mission statement, so I don’t get side-tracked and distracted by other things?

Consider trade-offs

Within my company we are working on the following projects [outline the projects you’re working on]. We want to achieve our one main goal of [your one main goal], and we’re optimising for [explain what metrics matter the most to you]. Can you help me consider the trade-offs involved in this focus? What should I be prepared to forgo or not focus on in pursuit of my one main goal?

Subtract the non-essential

Here’s what I do within a normal week: [outline your weekly schedule with how long you spend on each item]. Given my one, overarching mission, and what I’m optimising for, can you suggest where I can remove commitments, activities and obligations that don’t contribute towards my goal in a meaningful way? I’m prepared to make big changes to my schedule based on your suggestions.

Identify blind spots

I know my mission and I’m going to start to remove some of the day-to-day tasks that don’t contribute towards it. Given my business of [describe your business], my skills of [describe your five main skills] and my weaknesses of [highlight any potential areas of weakness], can you identify any blind spots that I haven’t considered? Consider internal and external factors and suggest a three-point plan for overcoming each one.

Design your dream week

For me, a perfect week includes [list the components of your dream week] and by the end I will have achieved [list what you’d like to achieve each week]. My energy is highest [time of day] and lowest at [time of day]. Given that you already know my main goal is [your one main business goal] and that I’m optimising for [what you’re optimising for], can you plan a weekly schedule where each day is filled with my favourite things structured in such a way that I enjoy my time.

Supercharge your LinkedIn

... and build a huge following. These prompts were created with Lara Acosta, who writes hundreds of LinkedIn posts every single month, for herself and her clients. Recently she has been co-creating with AI to improve results. Here are the top prompts Acosta actually uses to supercharge LinkedIn for herself and her clients.

Resonate with a specific audience

My target audience consists of [describe your target audience and their main challenges] within the industry of [add industry explainer]. Write [number] attention-grabbing headlines for LinkedIn posts that entice my target audience to click and read.” Further this prompt by asking ChatGPT to: “Suggest the copy for the rest of each post. Make these posts about [describe the content topics you want to discuss] and format them as follows: [include any style or formatting guidelines ChatGPT should follow].

Generate ideas for hooks

Analyse this hook [include the hook that performed well] and give me 10 similar, bold ideas for [describe your industry and type of work].

Replicate proven structures

This LinkedIn post performed well: [insert post]. Create a similar post with the same structure, but on the topic of [describe your topic here.]

Channel thought-leaders

Content pillars are a set of themes or topics that a brand can use to create posts. Please come up with 5 content pillars and sub-pillars for [describe the work of an influencer or entrepreneur that resonates with you].

Finish strong

Please finish writing this post by adding two more lines of text (fewer than 30 words in total), use persuasive psychology to compel an action in the reader, and relate back to the hook.

Proofread like a pro

Please proofread this post, edit any spelling or grammar mistakes, ensure it reads below a 5th grade level and tell me which changes you have made: [Include your LinkedIn post here].

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Validate a business idea

Train ChatGPT to sense-check each idea, so you can sort those incredible must-do ideas from the ones that should be left well alone.

Figure out your unfair advantage

I’m thinking of starting a business that [describe what this business does] and I want to understand my unique strengths in making it a success. I have experience in [describe your experience] and expertise in [describe your expertise]. I have access to people who [describe your network]. Can you give me the reasons why this will and won’t be a success based on my specific situation?

Understand your perfect customer

Now you know what business I want to start, can you suggest who might be the one ideal customer for this business? Can you describe their demographics and explain what problems they might have, that my business might solve. Please rank these problems in order, starting with the most important thing to them. Next, tell me what products or services they are currently using to solve these problems.

Assess demand for your idea

Can you give me 3 main reasons why someone would want to buy my product? Next, estimate how many people in [location, if applicable] could be in my target audience, and tell me the size of this market and its likely growth over the next five years. Please also include any adjacent markets I could explore.

Collect feedback

Create a survey for my potential audience. Start by giving a description of my business and who it’s for, to set the scene. For the first question, create three compelling value propositions that address how my business solves a problem for them, and ask which value proposition most resonates. Next, ask how likely they would be to buy, and then ask what this new concept would need to do to win their business. Finally, give me options on how I collect this feedback from my target audience.

Make your testing plan

How do I create a minimum viable product (MVP) or prototype, to test my business idea with real users and gather their insights? Include information such as how much this might cost and the steps to take to make it happen. Include what metrics I should look out for to know if my idea is worth pursuing.

Become a better negotiator

Whether you’re sealing the deal on a big purchase, securing investment at the right valuation, making a sale with a tough customer or simply negotiating with your team, learn how to do it better with a few tips from ChatGPT.

Start strong

I’m trying to [outline what you want to achieve] with someone who [explain the other party’s stance] and I want to reach an outcome where [explain your negotiation goals]. Help me craft a strong and persuasive opening statement for negotiations that sets the right tone and stands me in good stead for reaching an optimal outcome.

Ask better questions

I think that once the other person realizes [the truth you believe the other person is unaware of] they will [explain how they could agree to your plan]. Provide me with a list of insightful questions to ask during negotiations to help me find new ways in, as well as understand the other party's motivations to make this more likely.

Handle objections

How can I anticipate and address potential objections or concerns raised by the other party during this negotiation, ensuring a smoother and more successful process? Some objections I believe they have are [explain their problems] but I’d like to pre-empt every possible issue.

Find the win-win

Assist me in generating creative win-win solutions that benefit both parties and foster a collaborative atmosphere during negotiations. Potential win-win solutions I have thought of are [explain any you have in mind] but I would like to think of more so I can assess before presenting them.

Keep your cool

In a heated discussion, I sometimes find myself [explain the ways you might lose your cool]. I don’t want to do that here. Give me strategies to keep my composure when engaging in this discussion, so I can continue to direct the conversation positively and achieve my ideal outcome.

Write your business plan

Write your business plan with ChatGPT. Create the 5 components of a solid business plan in record time using these prompts that you can copy and paste straight in.

Executive summary

My business is called [name] and it offers [type of products or services you offer] to [your target audience]. It makes money by [explain your revenue model]. This business is in a good position because [explain elements of the business that make it relevant right now] and our revenue or cash position is [describe your financial position]. So far we have [outline achievements so far] and we plan to [include your plans for the future]. Can you help me craft a short executive summary that transforms that information into a clear and concise description for the first page of my business plan. Adopt a tone that is [describe the tone you want for your business plan, for example professional and direct].

Business overview

Next in the business plan is a business overview. Please write this to include sections titled [edit as appropriate: goals, the market, target audience, products and services, route to market]. Our business goals are [explain your top 3 business goals] within [timeframe for achieving them and exit plan]. We serve [demographics of your specific target audience] and solve their problem of [describe their top problems your business addresses]. Our offering consists of [describe your product or services], which [add more information about them] and our revenue model is [go into more detail on how you make money]. Use the same tone of voice as the last section.

Sales and marketing

Based on what you know about my business, please create the sales and marketing section of my business plan. Create a compelling value proposition that communicates the unique benefits of my product or service to my target audience. Outline effective marketing strategies I can use to promote my business and reach my target audience. Please also explain any industry trends, customer needs, and potential competitors that my business should be aware of. Finally, write a description of my ideal customer, add a paragraph on positioning and how we present ourselves to this person, and include how we will ensure we set ourselves apart from competitors. So far, we have planned [describe any existing plans].

Operations and management

Now please write the operations and management section of my business plan. Please include details on the people and processes that will ensure this business runs smoothly and achieves its goals. Include how we deliver the product or service, how we ensure quality control, how we manage inventory, suppliers and customers, and [any other sections you want to include]. Also go into detail on the people, including the organizational structure and lines of communication. Incorporate this information: [explain anything else to include].

Financial plan

Given what you know so far, can you create a detailed financial plan, including sales forecasts, expenses, and funding requirements for my business. I’m looking for the following, in table format: (1) a breakdown of my monthly income and expenses right now (2) a 12-month plan (3) a 3-year plan (4) my breakeven number right now and (5) any future big expenses that will be incurred at specific stages. Here’s all the information to incorporate [include any information on price per unit, units expected to sell, cost per unit, staff costs, rent, rates, machinery, software and so on].

Unlock rapid learning

Your unique advantage is how quickly you can learn and evolve. With every new update, concept or insight within your industry, get hungry to grasp its essentials right away. Learn how to learn fast to gain all the benefits in half the time.

Find the opportunity

Give me an analysis of the future outlook and potential opportunities in [specific topic you want to learn]. How can I, an entrepreneur running [describe your business] position myself to capitalize on emerging trends?"

Create the roadmap

Create a personalized rapid mastery roadmap for learning [topic you want to learn about] using the 80/20 rule. Outline the core concepts, essential resources, and key practical exercises that an entrepreneur should focus on to quickly grasp the most critical aspects of the subject. Provide a timeline of learning and milestones to track progress and ensure efficient learning.

Get a crash course

Provide me with a concise but comprehensive crash course on [specific topic] in line with this road map. For each of the pointers outlined, cover the essential concepts, key principles, and real-world applications in a clear and structured manner.

Know the latest developments

Update me on the latest trends and developments in [specific topic]. What are the cutting-edge advancements and how are they reshaping the industry? Given what you know about my business, which should I pay attention to?

Find out how it’s used in practice

Delve into successful case studies related to [specific topic]. Analyze what strategies, tools, or approaches were used by entrepreneurs, and how they resulted in positive outcomes. Make the link between what they did and what I am well placed to do with my business, either by adapting my current business or incorporating this new field.

Learn from experts

Identify the top thought leaders and experts in [specific topic]. Extract the key insights and knowledge from their work, interviews, and publications, focusing on the 20% of information that delivers 80% of value. Provide a curated collection of resources to help me access the most impactful expertise quickly.

Avoid common mistakes

Highlight the most common mistakes or pitfalls encountered when learning or applying [specific topic]. How can entrepreneurs avoid these errors to achieve success faster?

Craft a compelling elevator pitch

If you don’t have an elevator pitch, use ChatGPT to help you create one. If you have a tried-and-tested explainer that you’ve used for a while, see if you can improve the message to make a better impression.

Your opening line

Create a compelling opening line for my business, [describe your business] that quickly introduces [explain your product/service] and grabs the listener's attention.

A strong value proposition

Help me communicate the unique value my business offers to my target customers and what problem it solves for them. After working with us, the customers of my business [describe the transformation they experience].

Specific target audience

Our customers tend to be [explain the characteristics of your target audience] Can you craft a succinct and clear description of them, that easily explains this to a potential introducer.

The key benefits

My business is unique because [explain why your business is unique]. Can you put the 2-3 most compelling aspects of what I do into a few lines that can form part of my elevator pitch?

Finish strong

The first step towards working with me is [explain what a potential customer would do next]. Can you conclude my elevator pitch with a line that casually explains this to the person I’m talking to, who might be able to introduce me to a potential customer.

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Improve your time management

These prompts were created with Doctor Alvaro Cintas-Canto, who uses Twitter (now X) to educate a growing audience of AI enthusiasts on emerging tools and the latest technological advancements. Here’s how to prompt ChatGPT to be your personal AI productivity coach.

Structure and prioritize your tasks

How should I structure my day to achieve the most? Express the outputs in a table [Insert tasks and available time], it’s important that I complete [describe your main tasks] today.

Industry-standard methods

Considering the nature of my role [explain more about your role] within the field of [explain your industry], list some industry-specific time management strategies I could implement.

Subtracting activities

Considering my day’s plan [add the plan from part one], what nonessential activities could I reduce or eliminate to save more time?” You could also ask, “How would I do this in practice?” and explain, “based on my one main objective of [explain your mission].

Repeatable week

Generate a weekly schedule for me based on these tasks [insert tasks] and my business goal of [your one main goal].” You could add that, “I would like each day to be [similar/different] to the daily schedule you outlined by [explain changes for the other days].

Timeline of milestones

Based on my goals [explain your one big goal and any smaller ones], suggest a timeline with milestones, so I can achieve these goals within [insert time frame].

Handling interruptions

Provide a guideline on how to efficiently handle interruptions and distractions during my workday. These might include: [insert typical interruptions and when they might happen].

Co-create, ideate, make more money, save time

Entrepreneurs are using ChatGPT to write emails, training it to be a personal AI business coach and finding out how to outrank competition with SEO-optimized articles. Here are the five most popular prompts used by entrepreneurs.

The business idea prompt

I'm looking for business ideas in [describe your industry or area of expertise] within the parameters of [describe the essential elements of the idea]. Can you suggest some innovative and profitable opportunities?

The marketing strategy prompt

What are the most effective marketing strategies to promote my [describe your product or service] that solves the problem of [describe the problem it solves]? We have a target audience of [add information about your target audience] and want to achieve [explain the outcome you are looking for].

The efficiency prompt

How can I optimize my business operations, which involve [describe your business processes and how you make money] and increase efficiency, specifically in the areas of [describe the business areas where you suspect efficiency can be made]?

The raising money prompt

What are the key factors to consider when raising capital for my startup? My business does [describe what your business does] for the benefit of [describe your target audience]. Can you give me potential sources of funding and suggest how I approach each one?

The expansion prompt

How can I scale my business and expand into new markets? My business is [describe your business] and most of our customers come from [describe how you get your clients]. We want ideas of new ways forward, potentially including new customer bases, product lines and partnerships. Please suggest some in order or priority.

Unlock ChatGPT's full potential

Prompt engineer is a highly skilled role. We didn’t learn it in school. We need to learn it now. Here are eight prompting techniques that entrepreneurs should learn to prompt ChatGPT more effectively.

Ask open-ended questions

What are some ways I can better market my product [explain your product], to appeal to an audience of [explain your audience]?

Provide context and constraints

I'm running a [explain what type of company you run and who it serves] and have a marketing budget of [give an approximate amount per month you want to spend on marketing]. How can I maximize my advertising efforts to reach my specific target audience of [describe target audience]?

Seek specific advice or recommendations

Which [type of platform you’re looking for] platform would you recommend for a [type of business you are] selling [the product or service that you sell], considering [the factors you’re looking to optimize for]?

Ask for pros and cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of [explain the decision you’re thinking of taking] for my [type of company you run], compared to [alternative route you could take]?

Request a step-by-step plan

Can you outline the essential steps to successfully [explain the project you’re looking to complete] for [describe your type of business], including [include the specifics you want. For example, pre-launch activities and post-campaign follow-ups]?

Seek insights from data

Based on [the data you entered, for example my website analytics], which [decision you’re making for example, marketing channels, services or products to focus on] to generate more [outcome you want, for example qualified leads] for my [type of company]?

Solicit creative ideas

I'm looking for innovative ways to [outcome you want to achieve, for example enhance customer engagement] for my [type of business you have]. How can I leverage [areas you want ideas about, for example technology or gamification] to make [outcome you want to achieve for your target audience]?

Request a comparison between different options

Could you provide a comparison between [the first option you’re considering] and [the second outcome you’re considering] for a [describe what type of business you are]? The outcome I want to achieve is [describe the outcome you want to achieve from this decision].

Enjoy your job more

Use these prompts to enjoy your job more. Open up your favourite large language model, paste them in, and personalise the text. See what comes out, prompt further to refine, and take the response to your team or manager for workplace wellbeing and happiness on a whole new level.

Negotiate a raise

Help me craft a persuasive argument to negotiate a raise with my employer. Provide me with key points to highlight my value and contributions to the company. Here’s some more information about my role: [include more detail about when you joined, what you do, your current salary, why you exceed expectations, how you create value for your employer].

Get noticed for your work

I want to get noticed at work and increase my job satisfaction. Can you provide me with practical strategies and tips to stand out among my colleagues, showcase my skills, and make a positive impact on the organization? Here’s an example: [describe something you achieved that you weren’t adequately recognized for].

Work remotely

I want to enjoy my job more by working remotely. Can you assist me in creating a convincing proposal to present to my manager, outlining the benefits of remote work and how it can positively impact my productivity and job satisfaction? Here are more specifics to include: [explain when and how you successfully worked away from an office in the past, and what you achieved. Include any other information ChatGPT should weave into a response].

Work a flexible schedule

I'm seeking a more flexible schedule to enhance my work-life balance. Can you help me draft an email to my line manager, explaining the advantages of a flexible schedule and how it can contribute to my overall job enjoyment and performance? I currently [explain your current hours and the restrictions] but I’d like to [explain your desired outcome and why it’s optimal for the company].

Make friends at work

Having good relationships with my colleagues is important for enjoying my job. Can you give me advice on how to make friends at work and build positive connections with my coworkers? Some further context is: [add further context about your role and colleagues, the company itself. and what you want to achieve].

Help you get motivated

Sometimes, I struggle with motivation at work. Can you provide me with effective ways to stay motivated and find fulfillment in my job, even during challenging times? For additional context, [add more information about why you’re lacking motivation] and I’m looking to achieve [what you want the outcome to be].

Quit without burning bridges

Leaving my job is a big decision, but I want to do it gracefully without burning any bridges. Can you first give me a structure for a meeting with my boss and then compose a resignation letter that expresses gratitude, professionalism, and a desire to maintain positive relationships with them?

Write better content

...and not sound like a robot. These prompts were created with Dickie Bush, a former hedge fund trader turned digital writer. Bush talks about digital business and personal progress to entrepreneurs and creators aspiring to make writing their thing, and found these 7 “goals” to be the best instructions when asking it to rewrite something. Here are the prompts you need to publish with confidence.

More persuasive

Rewrite my text with powerful, convincing language that will leave my readers no choice but to take action.

More informative

Rewrite my text with rich, informative details that will leave my readers feeling educated and informed.

More descriptive

Rewrite my text with evocative, descriptive language that paints a vivid and unforgettable picture in my readers’ minds.

More humorous

Rewrite my text with clever, comedic touches that will leave my readers laughing and entertained.

More action-oriented

Rewrite my text with urgent, action-oriented language that will inspire my readers to take immediate action.

More emphatic

Rewrite my text with emphasis on the emotions and feelings of the characters or subjects I’m writing about, making the reader feel and connect with the story more.

More concise

Rewrite my text using more concise and to-the-point language, making it more direct and easy to understand for my readers.

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Write better emails

Regardless of how many emails you send, one thing is for sure: they should be clear. As succinct as possible, direct without being curt, and compassionately written to save the other person time.

Reorganize into bullet points

I'd like to present this information in a more concise and structured manner. Can you reformat this email into a bullet-pointed list? [Copy email here].

Create an out of office response

I will be out of the office from [date] to [date] because [explain where you’ll be or what you’ll be doing]. During this time, I will not have access to my email. Please create an autoresponder email that is [style and tone you would like]. Tell recipients they should [alternative action you want someone to take.]

Improve the tone

I would like you to help me sound more [specify the tone you want: friendly, direct, assertive, polite, professional, formal, confident] in this email and remove any apologetic language.

Start and finish in a unique style

Can you assist me in creating a distinct and memorable greeting and sign-off for my emails? I want this to reflect my personality and make a positive impression. My role is [your role] and my I [explain what your company does]. I mainly engage with [describe the typical recipients of your emails]. I want to come across as [explain how you want to be portrayed].

Condense into a few sentences

Please help me cut down the content of this email to a few concise sentences. I want it to be clear and to the point. [Include the email here].

Grab attention

I would like you to suggest an attention-grabbing title for this email, and rephrase the email to be more compelling and attention-grabbing. It should have a punchier tone, especially in the introduction and captivate the recipient throughout. [Include the email here].

Make it more personal

I want to make this email more personal by including specific information I know about the recipient. Can you help me incorporate that into the email? I want to show the recipient that I value our relationship. The email content is: [include the email content] and specific information about the recipient is: [include information unique to them].

Grammar and spell check

Can you assist me in checking the grammar and spelling of this email? I want to ensure it is error-free and professionally written.

Increase your productivity

These prompts were created with Matt Gray, known as The Systems Guy. Gray helps founders scale their brand and community with proven systems. He shared his 6 ways to make ChatGPT your productivity machine in 2023, so you can get more done in less time.

Simplify complex topics

Can you simplify the concept of [insert complex topic]? Please share a bullet point summary of its main parts, explain each part in simple terms, and provide examples of it in practice.

Generate summaries

Can you provide me with a summary of this [insert article/report URL]?

Edit your writing

Can you check my writing for any errors and suggest improvements? [Copy and paste your writing].

Write emails

Can you help me write an email to [add the name and role of the recipient] about [add the subject and outline what the email should include.]” For further context, say, “Here’s the draft I have so far: [add your draft email] and more information about the recipient is [include additional information.]

Discover new ideas

Can you suggest some prompts I can use with ChatGPT to get topic ideas for [explain your area of expertise]?

Outline content

Can you suggest some key points for a piece of content on [insert topic]? The goal of this content is to [explain the reaction you want your audience to have] and to establish me as [describe the authority you want to evoke, perhaps an unbiased reporter or a subject matter expert.]”

Create free resources

...your audience will love. Free resources that are high quality and of genuine value could be part of this stack, but they can take a lot of effort to create. Enter ChatGPT. Here’s how to create free, valuable resources that your audience will be compelled to download.

Get ideas for your lead magnet

Can you give me some digital lead magnet ideas for [describe your niche]? They should be compelling with high perceived value. They should include my expertise on the topics of [describe your company’s expertise] and speak to my audience’s desires to [explain your audience’s desires] and avoid [explain your audience’s biggest challenges.]

Build your lead magnet

I want to create [title of the lead magnet ChatGPT came up with], can you outline the main sections and bullet point that each section should include.

Build a landing page for your lead magnet

I’d like the copy for a landing page where I will share this free resource. Based on what you know about my target audience and the purpose of the resource, can you give me an attention-grabbing headline, a concise subheading that leads on from this, 3 bullet points that show I understand the pains of my audience, then 6 bullet points on what the lead magnet will give them? Finish with a clear call to action that invites someone to download.

Improve your lead magnets

I have a lead magnet that [explain what your lead magnet is and does] but I’m getting the feedback that [explain the feedback you have received or your opinion on why the conversion rate isn’t at high]. Can you suggest some more lead magnet ideas that directly address the pain points of [include more of your audience’s pain points.

Build an influential online presence

With these clever prompts, you can get clear on your mission, vision and values and be ready to get famous for the sake of your business.

Define your personal brand

I describe myself as a [your professional role] and I help [specific target audience] achieve [main outcomes you help your audience achieve.] What are the key elements that define my personal brand and make me unique?

Craft your brand story

Throughout my business journey I have faced these challenges [summarize any challenges you have overcome.] Given this information, what is the compelling story behind my personal brand? How can I craft a brand narrative that engages and resonates with my target audience?

Establish your online presence

Which online platforms are most relevant to my personal brand and target audience? Recommend in order of where my target audience are most likely to be. How can I establish a strong online presence on these platforms?

Curate engaging content

What valuable content can I curate and share with my audience to establish myself as an expert in my field? How can I consistently provide value and showcase my expertise?

Engage with your audience

Using [the main social media platform you’ll focus on], how can I actively engage with my audience to foster meaningful connections? What specific strategies can I use to encourage interaction and conversation? Create an action plan of 3 things I should do every day.

Leverage visual branding

How can I develop a visual brand identity that aligns with my personal brand? What elements and design choices can I use to create a cohesive and memorable image?

Monitor and enhance your brand

How can I monitor and assess the perception of my personal brand online? What steps can I take to enhance and adapt my brand as needed?

Supercharge your marketing

Entrepreneurs are using ChatGPT to make edits to their marketing and create new campaigns, with the goal of testing their ability to move the needle. Here are 9 prompts that entrepreneurs can use to supercharge their marketing efforts in a fraction of the time.

Craft attention-grabbing ad copy

Generate three attention-grabbing ad copy variations that effectively communicate the unique selling points of my [describe your specific product or service], with the goal of targeting [describe your specific audience segment].

Personalize your marketing messages

Compose a personalized email that addresses the recipient by name, introduces me as [your name and role], acknowledges their specific interests in [describe your topic or product], and offers a tailored solution to their [describe your audience’s specific pain point or need].

Optimize landing pages for maximum conversions

Describe the key elements and persuasive content that should be included on a landing page to ensure maximum conversions and minimize bounce rates for a [describe your product or service], targeting [describe your specific audience segment].

Generate irresistible call-to-actions (CTAs)

Create 5 options for a compelling call-to-action that motivates website visitors to take immediate action, such as [complete with your desired outcome, for example signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or scheduling a consultation] for your [specific product or service].

Enhance email campaigns

Generate a series of personalized email subject lines and preview texts that entice recipients to open and engage with my email campaign that aims to [describe the aim of your campaign], resulting in increased open rates. The email campaign is focused on [describe your specific objective or offer] and achieves [describe the outcome your product or service creates] for clients.

Conduct effective market research

Formulate a set of market research questions that will provide valuable insights into my target audience's preferences, pain points, and purchasing behaviors for [describe your specific product or service]. Explain that the goal of the research is so we can serve them better. Ask them to include as much detail as possible.

Refine target audience segmentation

Develop a refined target audience segmentation strategy by identifying specific demographic, psychographic, or behavioral traits that will help tailor my marketing messages more effectively for [describe your specific product or service]. Specify the key attributes and characteristics I should aim to target."

Generate content ideas that resonate

Create a list of content ideas and topics that align with the interests, challenges, and aspirations of [describe your target audience], ensuring that my content resonates and delivers value. Specify the target audience segment and the purpose of the content (educational, entertaining, promotional, etc.).

Improve customer engagement and support

Create a set of responses in the style of [describe your company’s style, voice and tone] that address the customer query of [include common customer queries here], including the following in the response: [information to include]. Provide relevant information, and offer assistance to enhance customer engagement and support. Specify the key topics or types of questions my company should be prepared to handle.

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Maximize internet-enabled ChatGPT

These prompts were created with Paul Couvert, known for building tools “better and faster using AI and no-code” and teaching others to do the same.

Summarize news

What were the main points from [the last United Nations climate change report released in 2023]? Summarize with a short paragraph and a list.

Detect a trend

Provide a short analysis of the latest [e-commerce] trends and consumer behavior patterns in [the first quarter of 2023].

Apply academic research

Summarize the key findings of the latest research [published in 'Nature' last week] on the topic of [exoplanet destruction]. Give an answer in markdown.

Improve your keystone habits

From recent online studies, what are the [top 5 tips] to [work better from home?] Make a summary table.

Predict the future

Based on the latest financial results of [the 50 biggest tech companies], how might their shares perform in the coming weeks?

Understand a complex event

Tell me the current [price of gasoline in France] and explain to a 12 year old why [this price isn't going down now while the price of oil is going down.]

Level up your resume

Your resume gets your foot in the door and it’s up to you to prove you’re worth keeping. Here’s how to improve that all-important document to make sure it doesn’t let you down.

Improve the formatting and structure

Please review my resume and suggest any improvements to the formatting and structure. I want it to be visually appealing and easy to read.

Enhance the content

Can you review my work experience section and suggest ways to make it more impactful? I want to highlight my achievements and emphasize the skills that are most valuable to employers.

Refine the skills and qualifications

I have a long list of skills, but I'm not sure which ones to prioritize. Can you help me choose the most relevant skills for the position I'm targeting? My skills are [list of skills] and the position requires [requirements of role].

Make the summary more compelling

Could you please review my summary statement and make it more captivating? I want it to immediately grab the attention of hiring managers.

Proofread and spot errors

Please proofread my resume and suggest any improvements to grammar, spelling, or language usage. I want to make sure it's error-free and professionally written.

Train your personal AI business coach

Use this simple prompt and configure ChatGPT to become your personal AI business coach. Use the large language model to your advantage and unlock your next level.

Create your personal AI coach

I'm seeking guidance as I navigate my business journey, and I'd love to engage in a conversation with you as my business coach. My business is [briefly describe your business or business idea], and I'm facing some challenges in [mention specific areas or issues]. I believe your expertise can help me gain clarity, develop effective strategies, and overcome obstacles. Can we engage in a back-and-forth conversation where I can share more details about my business, and you can ask questions, confront my thinking and find the root cause of some of my challenges?

Create SEO-optimised articles

These prompts were created with Udo Gollub, who has been exploring AI writing tools to improve his processes, and sharing what he learns in a community for content creators and Henry Purchase, whose plugin has a ChatGPT integration so clients can utilise ChatGPT and other AI tools to generate content at scale.

Generate the ideas

Come up with 50 highly SEO optimized blog post ideas on the topic of (topic). Write the headline and a one-sentence summary.

Create the structure

This will be the topic for a highly SEO optimized blog article: (copy the headline and summary just generated). From this headline and summary, create a list of all the bullet points of what should be included in the article.

Write the article

Now write a (number of words) highly SEO-optimized blog article about this: (copy your headline and bullet points in here). Write as HTML code with basic HTML formatting. Use short paragraphs and write in this writing style: (add examples of your writing style).

Prepare the image

Now imagine an image for this blog article that attracts a lot of clicks, likes and shares and write a description for that image. Describe the main element of the image as well as the background.

Finish hours of work in seconds

These prompts were created with Rowan Cheung, founder of The Rundown AI, who is on a mission to inform millions of people about the latest advancements in AI and highlight how technology is transforming the world. Here are 8 ChatGPT prompts to finish hours of work in seconds, to supercharge your output without breaking a sweat.

Explain like I'm a beginner

Explain [topic] in simple terms. Explain to me as if I'm a beginner.

Create unique content ideas

Topic: How to [what you want to achieve] talking about [your topic]. Come up with unique and innovative content ideas that are unconventional for this topic for the medium of [Twitter, article, LinkedIn, etc].

Quiz yourself

Give me a short quiz that tests me on [what you want to learn].

Change the writing style or tone

Change the writing style of the text below to [style or tone].

Consult an expert

I will give you a sample of my writing. I want you to criticize it as if you were [role].

Train it to learn your writing

Analyze the text below for style, voice, and tone. Create a prompt to write a new paragraph in the same style, voice, and tone.

Specify the audience and purpose

Topic: [add your topic]
Audience: [add your audience]
Tone: [add your tone]
Goal: [add your goal]

List long articles in bullet points

Summarize this paragraph into bullet points that a beginner would understand.

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Write your website homepage

Here’s how you assemble the components of an effective homepage, using ChatGPT to create a value proposition, appeal to your ideal customer, speak to their biggest challenges, paint the big picture and add a compelling call to action.

Create your value proposition

My company works with [target audience] to achieve [the 3 main results you create for customers]. After working with us they feel [the change you create for people]. We are unique because we [ways in which your business is unique]. Create 10 options for value propositions from this information. Each one should speak directly to a member of our target audience and be really compelling, so they want to find out more.

Appeal to your ideal customer

My company’s customers are [describe your dream customer in terms of demographics, location, interests, life stages and anything else relevant.] They want to achieve [describe what your dream customer is looking to achieve in engaging your services]. Can you give me 6 bullet points that succinctly describe this person, in a way that they would relate to. These six bullet points will sit under the header, ‘Our customers are…’ and must be engaging to people who fit the description provided.

Speak to their biggest challenges

I have described my company’s customers in detail (in my last question). Now, can you explain their three biggest challenges in a way that speaks directly to them, as being things they want to stop experiencing. These three bullet points will go under a sentence that starts, ‘They want to…’.

Paint the big picture

Now you know about my ideal customer, their biggest challenges and how my company helps them, can you give me a paragraph that starts, ‘Imagine if’ and describe how amazing their life could be with all their problems solved by working with us. Explain how they will feel and the changes they will experience. Speak directly to them in this paragraph.

Add a compelling call to action

Now I want my customer to click a button and get in touch. Can you give me 3 options, each fewer than 6 words, of the text that could go on that button? They will use that button to [book a call, make an enquiry, pay a deposit / delete as appropriate] and it has to be compelling and related to the transformation described above.

Request testimonials using drafted feedback

My ideal customer experiences these three main challenges: [paste the challenges from earlier in the chat.] Please can you write a paragraph testimonial for each challenge, from a customer who experienced that exact challenge and no longer experiences it since working with us.

Informational, instructive, creative, and problem-solving prompts

These prompts were created with Lasse Linnes, who is fascinated with effective prompting and is explaining everything so we can benefit. Here are 4 types of prompt specifically for entrepreneurs and exactly how to use each one.

Learn about a topic

I want to learn about [insert topic]. Identify and share the most important 20% of learnings from this topic that will help me understand 80% of it.

Summarizing a book, transcript, meeting notes or article

Summarize the book [book name] by the author [author name] and give me a list of the most important learnings and insights.

Write a video script

Write a script for a YouTube video. The video is a how-to guide on creating your first Facebook ads as a beginner. The video should be no longer than 5 minutes and be so simple that a 10-year-old would understand it.

Write a blog post

Write a [length in words] blog post on [topic in detail]. Use [specify the type of] tone, targeting [your target audience]. Include the following sections [specify subheaders], targeting the primary keyword of [primary keyword] [number] times, and including secondary keywords [secondary keywords], to be used [number] times [BC1] each.

Create a social media campaign

Provide a step-by-step guide on how to create a social media campaign for a [type of] business selling [type of products] to [target audience].

Create a script from instructions

Provide a guide on how to write a short ad script for promoting [type of company].

Learn anything faster

...with these gamechanging prompts, created with Rowan Cheung, founder of The Rundown, a fast-growing AI newsletter providing an in-depth look at the latest developments in AI. Use these prompts to upskill in record time.

Simplify complex information

Break down (topic you’d like to understand) into smaller, easier-to-understand parts. Use analogies and real-life examples to simplify the concept and make it more relatable.

Create a study schedule

I need help organizing my study time for (subject). Can you create a study schedule for me, including breaks and practice exercises?

Memorize key information

What are the most important facts, dates, or formulas related to (topic)? Help me create a memorization technique to remember them easily.

Ask for feedback

I've been studying (topic) on my own. Can you review my work and give me feedback on areas I need to improve?

Apply your knowledge

Use your knowledge of (topic you’re interested in) to solve a real-world problem. Explain your thought process and share your solution.

Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast (concept 1) and (concept 2) to better understand their similarities and differences. Use examples to illustrate your points.

Learn from mistakes

I made a mistake while practicing (skill). Can you explain what went wrong and how I can avoid making the same mistake in the future?

Connect with others

Connect me with a community of learners and experts in (topic). How can I join a forum, social media group or other online community to share my knowledge and learn from others?

Summarize complex texts

I need to read a complicated article related to (topic). Can you help me summarize the key points and takeaways from the text?

Stay updated

Help me stay updated on the latest developments and trends in (topic). What are some trustworthy resources I can follow to stay informed?

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