I used to be a prolific chaser.

Every enquiry. Every prospect. Every opportunity.

Everything I wanted, I would make a plan and go and get it.

When I ran my agency, if someone was tricky to get hold of in the sales process, we’d chase them for months.

If I wanted to be on a podcast, I’d message the host and explain why. Then follow them up.

But a lot has changed. Here’s what I realised.

When it’s something I can control: being prolific and persistent is a strength.

When it involves other people: it can be a weakness.

No one wants to be chased. They don’t want to feel like they gave in. They want to feel like they chose you. On their own terms.

But here’s what I know now:

This only happens after you chose yourself.

Chasing comes from a place of lack. Choosing yourself comes from abundance.

What would happen if you stopped chasing, convincing and coercing?

Even in sales, where the narrative says we have to follow up and keep going. What if, instead, we generated more enquiries than we knew what to do with, and made people jump through hoops to work with us?

What if you swapped knocking on doors for building your own house? Publishing your work, sharing your message, using your ace cards and having a ball.

They’d want to join in. No chasing required.

Let’s try it today.