👋 Hey, I'm Jodie.

Here’s a little about me:

I'm founder of Coachvox AI and we create AI coaches based on thought leaders.

In 2011 I started a digital agency that was acquired in 2021. I wrote about the journey in my new book, Ten Year Career.

I’m lucky to be a Forbes 30 under 30 list member (2017) and a regular contributor for Forbes on entrepreneurship.

I write about entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence and compete in powerlifting. I live in a different place every few months.

Recent podcast interviews

Stop wasting your life - Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal - November 2023

How to create an AI coach version of you - UKTN - June 2023

How to build an AI startup - Tropical MBA - August 2023

How AI will revolutionize the creator economy - The Futur - September 2023

These are the steps that led to Coachvox AI:

Why I sold my company ~ written June 2021
What's next? ~ written July 2021
Getting back in the arena ~ written October 2021
AI is stealing your content - written October 2023
Here's what I'm doing now ~ updated 1st November 2023

Here's a snapshot of my life:

Here's where I've lived so far:

These are the principles I strive to live by:

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