We want people to remember us, come to us first, know what we like, and think about what we need.

Even as strong, independent people, part of us clings to the idea of being saved. A white knight, a lucky break or a big invitation. We still believe we need other people.

But neediness replaces action.

It ignores our reasoned choice and leaves us playing passive victims.

It's a fallacy.

No one knows what you want
You have to ask for it

No one knows what you're thinking
You have to tell them

No one understands your worries
You have to figure them out

No one is coming to save you
And that's a good thing

Over-reliance on approval, permission or attention plays down your strengths. And unless you use them they'll fade away.

You'll forget independence and train helplessness. It's a slippery slope.

Be your own superhero.

Choose yourself and save yourself.