Showing up online is no fun at all if you take yourself too seriously. You have to get perspective and you have to create distance.

You are not your Instagram follows.
You are not your retweet count.
You are not your impression tally.

Metrics are useful and interesting but they don’t define your self worth or who you are as a person.

Imagine you put a video out there and it was seen by fifty people. You’d think that wasn't good. Only fifty views, right?

But if those fifty people were in a room right in front of you, you’d be pleased they showed up. You'd deliver for them. You’d feel the buzz of the audience and you’d think it was all worthwhile.

You just can't not put yourself out there because of what the metrics may or may not say about you.

Get some distance from the metrics so you can study them.

It's not about you.