The only thing worse than setting small goals is achieving them. 

It doesn’t matter that you finished the washing up. You shouldn’t be doing the washing up. 

It doesn’t matter that you ticked everything off your to-do list. Most of it was well beneath your potential. 

Who cares that you finished your tax return? That’s an accountant’s job. 

Achieving anything less than what you’re capable of achieving is not a success. It’s a tragedy. 

You think you’ll stop cleaning your own house when you become successful. When you achieve all your dreams or hit your income goal.

But that’s not how it works.

You stop cleaning your house to create the space to become successful.

And then it happens.

While you’re hoovering, scrubbing and picking up washing, you’re not creating and progressing. You’re not learning and growing. And the cycle continues. 

Stop wasting your time dreaming small. Stop doing things other people could do. Stop letting your ace cards go to waste. 

How can you level up your ambition?