Are you giving away your power?

Here’s how you might be:

  • Letting your day be hijacked by answering your phone when it rings
  • Waiting to see what someone says instead of planning your next move
  • Hearing breaking news and instinctively reacting to it
  • Postponing your plans until someone else has decided what they want
  • Letting someone waste your time while they get organised
  • Waiting for someone to respond before you can progress a project

I’m a big fan of patience and inaction, but only when they are intentional.

If you’re resting, it’s because you’re about to pounce. If you’re hanging back it’s because you’re assessing your options. If you’re waiting it’s for a good reason.

Even just realising when you’ve given away your power can help you take it back.

In which situations do you give away your power and how can you reclaim it?

It might be as simple as creating an ultimatum, making the decision yourself, bringing the problem up first or choosing what influences you let into your mind.

Take your power back.