Here’s a word to look out for:


As in:

Just start a YouTube channel
Just quit your job
Just tweet every day
Just make the course
Just get a VA to do it
Just hire an agency

This tiny word, thrown about in conversation, plays down the effort required. But without effort there are no results.

Never underestimate the intensity it takes to do something well.

Anyone can put a vague plan in place and half-arse a few actions. Anyone can make a start, bumble through, and see slow growth.

But that’s not where the magic happens. That’s not what those at the top are doing.

Top performers are obsessed with their craft. It takes over. They are prolific, intense, running experiments and hungry for knowledge. 

Top delegators scrutinise the quality of those they delegate to. They become masters of people, instruction, and measuring results. 

You don’t have to do it all yourself, but you do need intensity. In the doing, in the delegating, or both.

No one “just” got a million YouTube subscribers. No one “just” grew an 8-figure business. 

No silver bullet, no overnight success.

Instead: intensity. Execution. A sprinkle of self-delusion, and a commitment to keep going.