For most of 2023 I was impatient. My company was growing too slowly, our product wasn’t coming together fast enough, I wasn’t making the progress I felt like I should.

Acting like this was not conducive to success.

Whenever anything good happened, I didn’t celebrate. Every big win felt like a drop in the ocean.

We sold out programs, we onboarded amazing creators, but I couldn’t see past the huge numbers I had in mind for each month.

In January I had a conversation with six other entrepreneurs where we all shared how we were feeling about our businesses.

Everyone said they felt impatient.

Everyone felt like me.

Rushing around, scrambling for progress, believing like they should be further ahead, and frustrated that they weren’t.

Turns out it’s universal.

Since then I’ve stopped. Impatience isn’t a feeling I’m letting myself have. I’m training myself out of the habit of “nexting”. Not rushing to the next milestone without appreciating the last.


  • Every new signup means a celebration
  • An increase in any metric marks big success
  • I’m trusting the input without stressing about the outcome

I don’t know if it will work.

I don’t know if a low level of cortisol and arbitrary, self-inflicted urgency is required to make a difference in business, but I do know one thing:

It sure feels better this way.

How can you welcome in progress without berating its late arrival?

How can you find peace every single day?