Sometimes we don’t need to learn anything new, we just need to remember what we know.

I guess it’s why people have tattoos on their forearms, signs on their wall and desktop backgrounds on their computers. Constant, daily reminders to bring the best you to every situation.

Here are my reminders. The truths that the best version of me lives by. Feel free to take any that resonate with you.

I am not going to live forever.
This is all a fun game.
There is no need for fear, only love.
I am on the same team as everyone I cross paths with.
No one is watching. No one cares. So do whatever you want.
I am already there, wherever there is.
My thoughts become my words and actions and therefore my life.
Incremental gains will lead to every result I want to see.
Nothing matters but knowing nothing matters.
You be you and I’ll be me.
There is no one I would trade places with.
"What am I capable of?"
If something helps just one person it’s worth the effort.
Life is simple.