Here are the articles written for Forbes during February:

Why agency founders are launching software products instead
Agencies and software companies are entirely different business models requiring completely different strategies, approaches and ways of thinking. Whilst agencies are easy to start, they are often hard to scale. Whilst software companies can be much harder and costly to start, their very nature means scaling can happen in a more sustainable way as additional revenue doesn’t mean increasing headcount, amongst other differences.

How to sell your business to a strategic buyer
You might not be familiar with the term “strategic buyer,” but you’ve probably seen strategic buyers in the market. When Facebook bought WhatsApp, Facebook was a strategic buyer. When Morgan Stanley bought E*Trade, Morgan Stanley was a strategic buyer. When Amazon bought Whole Foods, Amazon was a strategic buyer.

5 habits of lucky companies
Luck is fortune, fate and destiny. It’s good or bad things happening because of chance, not actions. The concept of luck divides opinions in business. Whilst some believe it to be the difference between success and failure, others are convinced only hard work and persistence counts. For many, it’s somewhere in the middle.

Five spiritual practices every entrepreneur can use, with Gabrielle Bernstein
Running a business doesn’t need to be a headache and entrepreneurs need not board the strugglebus every week. There is another way. Rather than take difficult conversations at face value, kick off at abrupt emails or have hostile relationships with colleagues and suppliers, inviting spiritual practices into a business owner’s life could help it thrive whilst creating a happier team and reducing stress for all.

How to smash your sales goals with a scorecard marketing campaign
There’s something about personality tests, behaviour analyses and benchmarking that make humans want to know how they score. Whether it’s just for fun or to make improvements in a certain area of life or business, we want answers and we’re prepared to trawl through questions to get them.