Luck always plays a part in success and failure and it’s so stupid to think that it doesn’t. Anyone who has reached any level of success has benefitted from luck in some way.

Lucky timing, lucky place, lucky chance, beginner’s luck.

They could have been lucky to happen to sit next to that exact person at that exact time and have opened the conversation with that exact question. So much can come down to a coin toss.

And yet, there’s more to it.

Some people come across as inherently lucky but they are simply creating more luck for themselves by the actions they are taking.

They’re making more requests so they are hearing more yesses. They’re getting out and about more so they’re meeting more people. They’re doing more favours and helping more people, so they’re getting back more in return.

Luck is huge but it’s not one hundred per cent clear cut – you can create more luck by everything you do.