...doesn’t mean you have to do it.

This is a huge factor in businesses that stay small and owners who don’t progress.

They mistakenly think that because they are good at something, they should keep doing it. So instead of rising up in their role, hiring people, delegating, outsourcing, finding bigger and bigger problems to solve, they are clinging on to these old tasks because they think no one will do it as well as they will.

And it’s false. It’s a limiting belief that needs to be destroyed.

At my agency I started out doing every single role: client work, sales, HR, admin, accounting, got pretty good at them and then found people to do each of them and trained them up, then it was their role and I focused on other stuff, on growing the company and finding new things to be good at.

Just because you’re good at things does not mean you have to keep doing them yourself and it could be one of the biggest things holding you back.