There are two types of people, settlers and explorers.

Settlers like to progress towards stability, so they look to secure that perfect job, dream house, amazing partner. They sign contracts and make long term decisions and enjoy security.

Most marketing is aimed at settlers. It’s those adverts with the perfect family or the perfect house or nice car. But actually, not everyone wants this.

Not everyone is a settler, many people are explorers. So they don’t know why they don’t fit with this ideology and they don’t understand why they don’t want all those things they are supposed to want.

Explorers find comfort in change. They don’t need to know where they are living for the next year, they might not want a mortgage or a routine and they might not crave permanence with their business or job or life at all.

If you’re following the settled life but can’t work out why it doesn’t feel quite right: you might not be a settler, you might be an explorer.