He didn’t enjoy his job, so he quit and became self-employed.

But he couldn’t get on with clients, so he built his own products with a team.

After realizing he didn’t like managing a team, he decided to do it by himself.

When users complained, he switched business model and began selling ads.

But advertisers were unreasonable, so he launched a membership group.

Then members became high maintenance, so he started a YouTube channel.

YouTube's algorithm didn’t go his way, so he published a paid newsletter.

His newsletter wasn’t getting subscribers, so he stopped and got a job.

No real gains, no progress. Just flitting around, hopping to the next thing, never figuring out how to become a master at the thing he was doing in that moment. Always blaming someone else for why it wasn’t working out.

The problem is not your boss, clients, team, platform, business model or algorithm.

The problem is you, and so is the solution.

Every way forward has its challenges. Running away from each one is never the answer. Choose your battle and own it.

Get good at overcoming challenges themselves and conquer any world.