I put a $100m business idea out to the internet.

Here’s what happened next.

But first, context.

On a podcast with Ali Abdaal, I told him that after hanging out with someone I:

  • Open the iPhone Voice Memos app
  • Record a short voice note about our chat
  • Include what we discussed and key things in their life

When I see them next, I listen to the last voice note on the way there.

I remember everything that matters to them.

And ask them about it.

We pick up where we left off.

During the episode I threw out the idea that this should be an app, and said someone should build Better Friend (dot) AI.

The episode was released in November.

Last week I got a message from someone called Saravanan:

“Hey, thanks for the Better Friend AI idea. Don't sue me please 😊”

He’d built it.

Saravanan only got a computer 4 years ago

The app does exactly what we described

He’s working up to $1000 MRR

Opportunities are everywhere you look.

Winners take action.