Everyone has problems.

There is no point wishing for a life without them.

The more you can understand other people’s problems, the more you can create the solutions to solve them. The more you solve other people’s problems, the more success you will find.

It’s easy to see other people’s problems as a game. But why not our own?

Being hit with new fires to put out every day doesn’t feel fun when you’re deep in the trenches. But only in the trenches can you find answers.

Your problems aren’t problems. They are feedback signals.

They’re hints of what we need to change. Of where we need to take action.

  • A messy house means demanding better for ourselves
  • A declining business means finding a new way forward
  • An unbalanced relationship means revisiting our boundaries

On the other side of each one? Clarity, space and happiness.

Zoom out. See your life and work through someone else's lens. Imagine you’re sorting through every fact and figure associated with you.

Sort into two piles: what’s currently fine and what needs revisiting.

Run towards problems, get critical about them, stay objective.

Find the game.