A friend messaged to tell me he was stuck.

Should he grow his current business or start a brand new one? Should he focus on business or his health? Should he start learning a new language? Should he commit for a year or longer, who should he take advice from? What will make this time worthwhile? What can he do now that his future self will be proud of?

So many questions.

He wanted answers, but I only had more questions.

Before we talked it through I gave him the following instructions, all of which meant watching parts of a recent interview and journaling on these specific topics.

If you’re stuck in business or life, consider doing the same.

Watch this video during the following timestamps, for these outcomes:

  1. Figure out what game you’re playing (29:45)

Understand the 4 games you can play in business, then choose yours and stick to it. This clip will define each one and help you decide, so you don’t flit about between strategies.

  1. Find your personal success system (43:18)

Everyone has a personal success system. Every past achievement holds clues and you can use them to set up an incredible future. This clip will help you find yours.

  1. Discover how you’re motivated (1:12:00)

We are all different. What drives someone won’t work for another. Different reasons govern our actions, but do you know which are governing yours? Here’s how to work it out.

So what about my friend with the questions?

Once he decided which game he was playing, he understood how to make it a success with actions he was now motivated to take.

Just three concepts away from revelation and a plan.

You, getting unstuck? These short clips, some thinking time, and the rest is easy.