Stop Acting Like You’re Going To Live Forever

36 articles to help you think differently and achieve your version of success, now.

This a collection of articles written from personal experience of being a business owner. Topics include entrepreneurship, happiness and lifestyle design. Available on Amazon UK here and Amazon USA here.


Clever Tykes

A series of storybooks and accompanying resources for children ages 6-9, inspiring positive, resourceful and creative behaviour.

Available for the UK here, the USA here and the rest of the world here.



Articles on modern entrepreneurship including:

  • Stop acting like you’re going to live forever (link).
  • How to be happy (nearly) all the time. Part one and two.
  • How to stop caring about what everyone else thinks (link).


Social media

The 50 Great Ideas series (link), covering Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Easy SEO.

#Winning at social media (link), about Twitter interaction.


Thought Catalog

Articles on life and happiness, including:

  • When in doubt, choose kindness (link).
  • How to live a totally miserable life (link).
  • Decide what to do with your life or someone else will decide for you (link).