Business isn’t personal.

Metrics, money, graphs that go up and down. They’re fun ways of keeping score with yourself. Objective measures of how well you are using your resources.

  • If you’re spending your time in the best way
  • If you’re playing the ace cards you were dealt
  • If you compiled the best team to do their best work

Social media isn’t personal.

Likes, comments, impressions, trolls. They’re objective measures of how well you’re playing the game. Immediate feedback to assess your actions and improve.

  • If you’re creating posts that fit the format
  • If you’re sharing what people want to read
  • If you’re consistently following the platform rules

Health isn’t personal.

Scale weight, waist size, aerobic capacity, absolute strength. All are measures of energy allocation. Physical reflections of the choices you make.

  • If you’re eating too much or little for your routine
  • If you’re getting information and using it
  • If you’re making health a priority

None of these elements of your life and work are personal, but they can feel like they are:

When it’s just not your day
When no one likes your post
When you don't feel up to exercise

Linking self-worth, mood and shame to business, social media and health is no way to live.

So don’t do it.

Stop tying happiness to income.
Stop tying worthiness to followers.
Stop tying emotions to physical fitness.

Stop taking it personally. See metrics as objective information and have the power to make change.