We are all overcomplicating success, including me.

I see way too many people making this mistake.

Not using your advantages:

  • Playing down your "ace cards”
  • Making things intentionally difficult
  • Not asking for help when you should

It’s like we try to succeed the hard way. We brush over our strengths because using them feels like cheating.

But it’s not. And it has to stop.

Here’s how:

  1. If you have a great network. Use it.
  2. If you’re good on camera. Get on camera.
  3. If you have specific skills. Put them to work.

This is not cheating. It’s not a copout. It just makes sense.

When I stopped trying to find the toughest route everything started to flow:

  • Bigger business
  • Better network
  • Way more fun

Get off the strugglebus and join me on easy street.

Which superpower are you not using?