If a flower didn’t blossom you wouldn’t blame the flower.

You’d blame the environment.

The flower was trying as hard as it could. It sat in the soil, it searched for the light, it photosynthesised for its life.

And nothing happened. But why?

The soil wasn’t fertile.
The roots couldn’t get to water.
The seed never turned into a full bloom because it didn’t have everything it needed.

It's a cute story, but it’s not real life.

You’re not a helpless flower, stuck in a pot. You’re not a victim. You’re not powerless to whatever is going on around you. You don’t have the excuses the flower does.

Move to a different flowerpot.
Escape the shade and find the light.
Hunt for your own source of water.
Prepare your own environment.

Everyone knows what this looks like. But it’s easier to believe you’re a helpless flower.