Creating content is one of the best ways to grow your business.

Becoming a content creation powerhouse involves three steps: ideation, execution and delegation.

Ideation is your way of getting new ideas for what you create. Carry a notebook, meet new people, read new books, become inspired in some way.

Execution is where you focus on creating reams and reams of raw material whether that’s words written on a page, words spoken into a microphone or camera or your sketches or paintings on the canvas or graphics programme.

Then finally it’s delegation, where someone turns your piles of raw material into perfectly packaged content for wherever you’re sharing it with your audience. So articles, blog posts, Instagram posts and captions, podcasts, videos, and on and on and on. There are people who can do the third step far better than you.

Following this three-step formula is how you can produce daily content in a way that feels kinda effortless to you. You’re simply collecting ideas by noticing what’s around you, turning the ideas into material in the way that most suits your skills, and someone with the right skills is doing the third part and keeping this machine turning.


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