Most people don’t find answers because they’re not looking in the right places.

They’re reading books
Scrolling social media
Going to conferences
Listening to podcasts

Hoping that some tweet, seminar or guru will provide the nugget of wisdom that will change everything.

But it doesn’t work.

They keep reading, consuming, attending and subscribing. Year after year. Never getting any closer.

Or so they think.

In reality, there is no event, book or person that will change your life and business more than stillness will.

Clearing some space
Turning off distractions
Checking in with yourself

One hour of self-reflection would bring better change than a year of workshops.

A journaling habit
Gratitude practice
Regular meditation

All mean quietening the noise. Tapping into your subconscious. Being honest with yourself. Finding answers from within.

Because that’s where they are.

How can you go inward today?