There’s a romantic notion of the selfless worker. They show up, they do their work, they serve other people, and they return home shattered. They’re on the front lines, tirelessly grinding towards a cause they believe in, all without thanks or recognition.

They don’t want fame or fortune. They just want to make a difference in their corner of the world.

But the truth is, these people have wisdom to share. If they became teachers as well as practitioners, they would spread their message far beyond their closest circles. They would give others on a similar mission a head start. They would make more of a difference.

So where’s the real selflessness?

Dedicating to one cause, forgoing all others? Or showing up to teach, in whatever form that takes? Doing it to share what you know, to multiply an impact and help others avoid the mistakes you made.

Influencers, YouTubers and prominent creators might get accused of being hungry for fame, but the fame is a byproduct of making a difference. Inspiring, educating, surprising, helping.

True selfless service involves sharing. 

Those that can, do, and those that can’t, teach. But you can do both. 

Keeping your magic to yourself stops today. People are counting on you.