Nearly everything you see as black or white actually lies on a spectrum. For every concept, each of us have our own imaginary range which dictates how it’s defined in our mind.

Consider these words:


Where one sees a workaholic, another sees someone who has found their calling and is barrelling forward with passion. Where one feels awkward another feels fine. Where one is afraid of a risk another realises there is nothing to lose. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Without thinking in terms of spectrums it’s easy to brandish labels in an unhelpful way. It’s easy to dismiss someone or miss an opportunity because our spectrum is too rigid.

Is this really a risk, or have I just not updated my risk tolerance?
Is this really worthless, or am I thinking about it in the wrong way?
Is this really awkward, or am I overthinking?
Am I working too hard, or is my cause justified?