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September 2022

Why I stopped caring about grammar (and maybe you should too)

The 5 opportunity costs of not selling your business

August 2022

We didn’t succeed because of schooling

Airplane mode

What we hold onto

The easiest road has the least to offer

Happy people don’t hate

Did you have it easy?

Ten things I know for sure (this week)

“It’s not for you”

Why do you really get triggered?

The 6 productivity myths holding back your creative output

How loneliness could be costing your business success, and what to do

How to run a business with your siblings

The 5 types of post-exit entrepreneur

4 ways to make money from amazon without starting your own store

Microcoaching: the next generation of personal development

4 alternatives to selling your business

What no one tells you about selling your business

July 2022

Create for a previous version of yourself

The five factors that hold entrepreneurs back

Stop checking the news before you do deep work

Change your trajectory by changing your geography

Artists and critics

There is another way

People will stare so get used to it

Predict your future

How to hire the best talent before your competitors even know they exist

How entrepreneurs building their brand can deal with online trolls

3 steps to hire the right seo expert for your business

12 steps to turn your business idea into income

How anti-hustle culture is hurting early-stage entrepreneurs

How to align your team, according to a former navy seal officer

The top 10 books billionaires recommend

The 12 plateaus of progress, according to Appsumo’s former CEO

Running your business at 200 miles per hour? You could be a catalyst entrepreneur

When is a side hustle a good idea?

June 2022

Luck always plays a part

The best measure of future success

Intentional networking

Just because you are good at something

Settler or explorer?

Reimagine business, design your life, fast track your freedom

Reading business books does not improve your business

Remember the people who didn’t believe in you

If someone else can do it, don’t do it.

Give your people responsibilities, not tasks

Hide and thrive: the unconventional strategy that built a million-dollar business

Entrepreneurs share the most important traits for a business coach

5 strategies to maximize revenue from your email marketing

Revealed: the founders forum rising stars of 2022

Entrepreneurs reveal their dream business mentors

10 conversation starters for entrepreneurs seeking deeper connection

How weekends separate winners

May 2022

The richest person I know

What your responsiveness says about you

The future is async

Will this put me out of business?

Three simple questions on whether you should hire someone

The prolific production formula

Relentless focus on the basics

​​Uncertainty tolerance

Managing your energy

5 proven habits of high performers that will transform your business

5 steps to getting the recognition your work deserves

10 mistakes leaders make when sharing their story

4 steps to creating an online business from your number one passion

The nine-figure company that exclusively hires underdogs

Everything I know

April 2022

Procrastination and perfectionism

Async communication, joining an entrepreneur community, habits of lucky companies

What do you do except hang around the kitchen?

Information is not the obstacle

Catching yourself dreaming

The confusion of entrepreneurship

Find your tribe by becoming your tribe

Who are you taking business advice from?

How to nail the transition from entrepreneur to executive

6 steps to successfully close your acquisition deal

4 common beliefs every entrepreneur should question

3 costly mistakes leaders make when trying to resolve conflicts

Intentional networking: 7 ways to maximize the ROI on your time

Forget resilience, improve your uncertainty tolerance

Alex hormozi’s 4 key secrets to scaling your business

The two reasons entrepreneurs succeed with a business coach

March 2022

Reminded, not taught

Prepare to be lucky

The hardest thing

Waking minutes


The hidden benefit of 2FA

What are you capable of?

The effort is the reward

Hiring a boss

A shy entrepreneur’s guide to being charismatic

The unconventional way to secure a multi-million dollar exit

The 3 reasons most entrepreneurs are confused, and what to do

5 ways joining an entrepreneur community can supercharge your life and business

The 3 methods of expansion: which is right for your business?

Asynchronous communication: the secret weapon of entrepreneurs who get more done

Positivity is profitable: adopt the mindset that makes millions

February 2022

Making space for what you want

Your zone of genius

The biggest indicator of long-lasting relationships

Hey, it’s okay…

Always something better to talk about

A hundred million dollar idea

Ten things I know for sure (this week)

In the helicopter

Why agency founders are launching software products instead

How to sell your business to a strategic buyer

5 habits of lucky companies

Five spiritual practices every entrepreneur can use, with Gabrielle Bernstein

How to smash your sales goals with a scorecard marketing campaign

January 2022

This year’s mantra

How to set goals and achieve them

When to celebrate

Twenty lessons learned writing twenty books

Observations of truly happy people

Five questions to truly know yourself

The gap

What do you train for?

Your culture book

How to make 2022 your best year in business

Why top entrepreneurs are hiring ghostwriters in 2022

How entrepreneurs can leverage visualization: a neuroscientist explains

How to double your online business revenue in 3 months

How to blow up your personal brand as a serial podcast guest


December 2021

The mushroom effect

Changing your mind

Throwing the kitchen sink at it

“Was I weird enough?”

Nailing your colours to the mast

Make your vocation your vacation

We all want the same things

I might not get this chance again

My top 5 business-changing decisions

Making a living or making a killing?

7 ways to bounce back stronger after failure

Why do some entrepreneurs fail while others succeed?

5 ways to maximize your business value when you sell

The 7 weaknesses that could be an entrepreneur’s hidden strengths

5 steps to developing high-achieving employees

6 steps to achieving your business goals in half the time

5 steps to building a raving fan base with a podcast in 2022

November 2021

How far for the perfect shot?

Loving what you do, thought experiments, maximising your potential

Can or must?

Buying time

Being liked or being exceptional

About frugality

Intentional energy

Ten things I know for sure (this week)

Staying stocked

How do you want to feel today? 

8 ways to love what you do

7 signs your productivity is a problem (and how to fix it)

Why adding a late cofounder could mean a business breakthrough

4 ways to set new hybrid and remote employees up for success

The 5 money statements that could harm your child’s future

October 2021

Instagram rules… or does it?

Imposter syndrome

Ten questions for you this week

In the arena

Default mode network

Reality distortion field

What do you work for?

Testing ground

3 ways to capture exceptional returns from online business acquisitions

5 ways to develop a growth mindset in your kids

7 thought experiments to expand your mind and business

The seven types of angel investor and what they want to hear

The 5 everyday influences costing your potential

September 2021

North star check

Instant awakening

Having something to prove

Champions do extra

Everything is borrowed

Playing bigger games

The last day on earth test

On serendipity


What’s the alternative?

Ten things I know for sure (this week)

5 steps to prolifically producing content

How entrepreneurs can wake up early, according to 5am club author Robin Sharma

5 signs it’s time to sell your business

6 ways to stay in shape while travelling for business

Survive a cyberattack: 7 things business owners must do in 2021

August 2021

I’m not f*cking around

Banish the beige

Ten things I know for sure (this week)

Introducing yourself

Spring cleaning


Solitude stint

Jump and the net will appear


Questions from future you

What things mean

Crosses and shots

Overcoming tech addiction, turning customers down, four books to change your business and life

Overcoming technology addiction: three experiments to try now

Securing funding to drive expansion

‘It’s not for you’—why the best brands turn customers down

Can we really teach entrepreneurship at college?

The 4 books that will change your business and life

July 2021

Ten things I know for sure (this week)

Fear stories

Three options

Choosing yourself

What’s next?


Ten things I know for sure (this week)

A surface level life

Habits of eventual millionaires

Boom and bust

Lapping everyone on the couch

What are you capable of?

Expanding your comfort zone, putting yourself first, writing a bestselling business book

Why successful entrepreneurs put themselves first

How to write a bestselling business book in six steps

The 5 books that mission-driven leaders should read in 2021

How to always be your best self, from an eight-figure founder

The 7 steps to success silicon valley startups swear by

Expanding your comfort zone: lessons from a year of adversity

5 hiring hacks to find the right talent for your startup

June 2021

Before you rush back to normal

Why I sold my company

Judgment is separation

Why you can’t seem to ignore your email

Rejection letters

When you value security

Better than SEO

Ten things I know for sure (this week)

The company we keep

Choosing your day

It has yet to be done


World class memories, traits of great leaders, rebranding retirement

How to develop a world-class memory within a year

600 million views: the free pr marketing hack anyone can use

Why checking your email first thing is killing your success

Revealed: the founders forum rising stars of 2021

Retirement needs a rebrand

The 4 traits all great leaders have, according to a billionaire mentor

May 2021

Reasons to be happy

On phone addiction

The Unconventionalists

Architects and bulldozers

Working on my novel

The same thing won’t work again

Irons in the fire

The key to heaven and hell

Sticking labels on people

On doing nothing

Don’t find time, steal it

Errors leaders make, jack of all trades, how to find a coach

5 ways to make your small business sale-ready

7 common errors great leaders don’t make

Why being a jack of all trades is essential for success

5 key qualities to look for in a coach

5 common excuses successful people don’t use

April 2021

Making “A”s

The world’s strongest

Freedom from what, to do what?


Open wounds and battle scars

The danger of idols

Ten things to do instead of feeling sad

Output over hype

We get what we tolerate

Pre-commitment strategy

Better Zoom calls and webinars on the move

Mistakes in training

New articles

How to be creative as an entrepreneur

The four morning routines of successful entrepreneurs

Email is broken and the founders of basecamp are fixing it

How much of your business journey should you share online?

5 ways competing in sport makes you a better entrepreneur

March 2021

On mental toughness

The emperor’s new vision board

Let go of the five things holding back your success

Six ways to go the extra mile for your customers

How successful entrepreneurs block out distractions and stay focused

The 5 purchases every entrepreneur should make

The entrepreneurs feeling pandemic success guilt

February 2021

The real reason you get annoyed at work

The surprising sign of a successful working relationship

4 simple ways to give more this week

Are you self-obsessed or customer-obsessed?

Pressure is a privilege

January 2021

Fix your keystone habits to transform your life

Replace your expectations with appreciation for a better 2021

4 things that keep entrepreneurs up at night

Is success making you lazy?

Take a break before you need one

Become indispensable at all costs


December 2020

The 5 skills entrepreneurs learn in childhood

What you tell your kids about work will shape their future

Is your business a slow burner or will it never catch on?

5 things successful entrepreneurs don’t do

How coasting in business is killing your potential

How to cultivate indifference to criticism

30 must-read business books for upping your game in 2021

November 2020

7 signs you haven’t found your calling yet

How to master the art of putting yourself out there

Persistence is everything, just ask joe biden

5 ways to come up with great business ideas

Why now is not the time for big life decisions

Are you achieving all that you are capable of?

5 habits to break for a better year

Your smartphone is costing your fortune

Could the Wim Hof method help you thrive in business?

3 viable university alternatives: because it’s not right for everyone

October 2020

6 signs someone is all talk

Too busy? Say no. Here’s how.

Is your parents’ attitude to money limiting your success?

The real reasons you can’t focus on your work

5 things to do before you check your email

7 signs you have found your calling

6 powerful ways to be a better version of yourself

How successful entrepreneurs use the law of attraction

September 2020

The danger of reading too many business books

Is your business partner holding you back?

5 habits of lucky people

5 things every entrepreneur can learn from oprah

Why you should have a meeting-free week

Feeling impatient? Here are 6 things to remember

How to think like an entrepreneur

7 things every entrepreneur should automate

7 signs your business will succeed

August 2020

7 signs someone will be successful

Work hard, but don’t be hard work

Never miss another opportunity

How to stand out in a saturated market

How gymshark became a $1.3 billion brand, and what we can learn

11 ways to transform your terrible zoom meetings

6 observations of the most successful people i know

How to use social media to make money and not waste time

July 2020

How to be a warrior, not a worrier

The 5 habits holding back your success

How to raise entrepreneurial kids

What business owners learned during lockdown

5 ways to set up retiring in your thirties

6 things not worth thinking about

How to overcome your fear of rejection

Let’s raise entrepreneurial kids, not kid entrepreneurs

June 2020

8 reasons you should be dreaming bigger

6 questions successful people ask themselves

Fear of going out (FOGO) is now a thing, but was lockdown the excuse to stay in we always wanted?

6 lockdown habits to keep

Want more influence online? Here’s how.

6 phrases you won’t hear successful people say

What it really means to be banned from twitter

May 2020

The 9 things that are stealing your time

Why you should lead with love, not fear

6 signs you should close your business and start a new one

The 6 childhood trends of successful entrepreneurs

6 signs you’ve already made it

April 2020

7 tactics for instant productivity and positivity

Why no one talks about making money anymore

How to keep your office culture when working remotely

Here’s where you’ll be in five years

March 2020

3 simple swaps to boost your happiness

How to thrive in a crisis

4 ways ambitious people are absolutely not wasting this time

February 2020

How to be your own hype girl

5 things successful people don’t care about

January 2020

If you’re going through hell, keep going

10 signs you have a great team


December 2019

Make money or make excuses

The ace card you don’t realize you’re holding

Read this if you don’t feel in control of your business

8 signs you’re truly entrepreneurial

6 things your life is infinitely better with

4 things your business degree won’t teach you

5 things that happy people know

These 5 things once meant success, now they don’t have to

November 2019

6 things you need to get over to become a successful entrepreneur

Consumption is killing your success

October 2019

Credit cards should be called debt cards. Here’s why.

The alternative way to be rich

September 2019

8 ways to have better relationships with your clients

How to stop caring about what everyone else thinks

August 2019

Is work-life balance overrated?

Can your business survive you going on holiday?

July 2019

Should you start a side project?

How to run a business without it running you

June 2019

10 ways to keep your mental health in check whilst running a business

The Greek word that might just change your life

May 2019

10 ways to stop your smartphone ruining your life

There’s only one way to succeed

April 2019

The grass might not be greener: avoid a career mistake

Why you should only do work you would happily do for free

March 2019

Considering self-employment? Here are 6 questions you need to answer

Take control of your happiness

January 2019

Visualisation is no substitute for hard work

How to be more Claire Underwood


December 2018

How to be happy (nearly) all the time – part two

The four distraction traps business owners need to avoid

November 2018

How to tell if you should leave your job

How to be happy (nearly) all the time

October 2018

Be exceptional today

No one cares about your problems, so make it look easy

July 2018

Stop acting like you’re going to live forever

How entrepreneurs can be bulletproof

May 2018

Financial education: revisited

Treat mental health like dental health