It’s asynchronous.

Hardly any communication will be done in real-time meetings or calls.

The companies that will grow the most are the ones that can onboard clients really well without “jumping on a call.” Those that can work with customers without any real-time back and forth.


Because no one wants to jump on a call. No one benefits from having their time booked. Meetings are usually a complete waste of life. Back-to-back Zooms are not the answer.

There’s another way and it’s async. Async is the future.

Text me, email me, voice note me. I don’t mind. Just don’t ask to book my time. There’s probably no need. My time isn’t for booking. I’m probably not on your timezone.

Most meetings could be calls. Most calls could be voice notes. Most emails are unnecessary.

We can have human connection without sitting in front of each other. We can progress our businesses without scheduling links and calendar invites. There are better ways of spending an hour without interruptions.

Let’s see what’s possible. Airplane mode on. Let’s get to work.


Originally posted on LinkedIn. Feel free to comment if you like 😊