This week it was my birthday.

Journaling on my birthday is a personal tradition. I like reflecting on the year and thinking about what the next will hold.

This year, this was my journal prompt: who will I be in 2023?

It’s very likely that what got you here isn’t what will get you to your next stage. I feel this right now. The traits that created your past success might actually put a ceiling on your future success.

Like many aspects of entrepreneurship, it’s paradoxical.

Maybe you once had to be persistent, now you have to be patient. Perhaps you built your business being available, and now it’s time to be unavailable. You used to say yes and now you need to say no to nearly everything. Or a past version of you really cared what other people thought but you want to start showing up without fear.

You are welcome to use my journal prompt and see what comes up.

Define the 2023 version of you right now and spend the rest of 2022 stepping into the role. Take a blank piece of paper, write that question at the top, whack airplane mode on and just free-write away.

Who will you be in 2023?