I was too scared to go on holiday

What if my team needed me?
What if our clients needed me?
What if something bad happened?

It never seemed to make sense. I had a business to run.

Then I realised that being too available was worse than being unavailable.

It created dependencies
It stopped my team being resourceful
It kept me trapped inside my business

The first trip away was super scary. Five weeks in Sydney, Australia on a ten hour time difference. I wasn't going to work through the night, so my business had to be able to run without me.

So what happened?

I got on the plane. Nothing burned down. None of my worst fears came true.

In fact, it made my company stronger.

My team were conscientious. They figured stuff out. They asked for help when they needed it and I responded when I woke up. Clients trusted them. They didn't need me there.

Although it never seemed like the right time, I never regretted going.

Can you take a trip away?

How does your company survive when you’re gone?