Ever been on the receiving end of a judgment that starts this way?

It’s easy for you because you’re confident
It’s easy for you because you work for yourself
It’s easy for you because you don’t have kids
It’s easy for you because you’re naturally creative
It’s easy for you because you have great genes
It’s easy for you because…

You’ve made your plan and put the work in. You’re starting to see the fruits of your labour and someone is watching.

They want to know more but they can’t help those sentences coming out. “It’s easy for you because…”

What they’re really doing is making it okay in their mind. Rationalising. Finding a valid reason why they don’t have that thing they so want, that you have. Or so they think.

Dismissing someone else’s results as being purely based on luck, chance or some kind of advantageous set of circumstances misses the chance to learn and apply the teaching to your own game. The judgment creates separation and it’s not useful for anyone.

How to set them straight? Don’t bother, there’s no point.

“Yes you’re right, it is easy for me,” you say with a smile. Then glide away and get back to the grind.