140kg is loaded on the bar. Bench pressing it means securing the bronze medal for team GB.

“Here’s Jodie Cook with her final attempt of the day.”

I was competing at the World Bench Press Championships and it was my turn.

I set up on the bench. The centre spotter handed me the bar. I waited for the referee to say ‘start’ and lowered it to my chest.

I pressed the weight and the spotters re-racked it for me.

But there was a problem.

I pressed before the ref said press.

Jumping the press command meant no bronze medal. The consolation prize for my impatience was fifth place.

Too keen
Too hyped
Too quick to act

This happens in business too, and not just to me.

  • We’re so excited for the big win we celebrate before it’s signed
  • We’re so keen for someone to notice us that we come on too strong
  • We can’t wait to work with that client, so we shower them with information

Sound familiar?

There’s a time and a place for being ahead of the game.

But most of the time, finding the right moment means waiting.

Set everything up
Get ready to go
Then move

Where could you practice more patience?

I know my answer.