You have friends and colleagues with skills that you would find useful. They think the same about you. Rather than all hire each other or be too proud to ask for help, engage in mutual skills swap sessions.

Ask the question and explain the parameters. One hour, with 30 minutes each way, or do it async. The goal is known in advance, the links are shared, and each party takes their turn to give their opinion on whatever the other has shared.

I’ve done this with friends with knowledge of web design, conversion rate optimization, copywriting, ads and publishing. I’ve sent them landing pages, articles, concepts and ideas and they’ve told me what they’d do if they were me.

In return, they’ve asked me about book ideas, contact pages, journalist pitches and productivity. I’ve known their goal and their strengths and shared my thoughts about what they should do.

Do this with ten valued contacts and you’ll be gaining thousands of dollars’ worth of expert advice and guidance for the cost of your time,

Admitting where you need help is the first step to finding answers. Asking a friend for their advice is a bonding experience. Being able to reciprocate is rewarding.

Could a second opinion swap be just what you need?