The gap is the difference between where you are now and where you want to be. Who you are now and who you want to become.

The version of you in the future, who is just like current you but older, wiser, better. Maybe richer, more talented, better known. We each want different things. For some it’s more freedom, more titles, or more money. Perhaps a family, deep friendships, or incredible health.

What’s between here and now? It’s the gap.

In the gap is the people we have yet to meet and the doors they will open. It’s the conversations we have that lead to our next gamechanging idea. It’s the books we read that bring new frameworks and a new lens through which to see our work. It’s the tiny actions we consistently make, that stack up to habits that compound and bring that future closer.

But most of all, in the gap is practice.

We don’t suddenly become the person we dream of being. We don’t wake up one day having spectacularly arrived. Instead, we practice being them slowly but surely.

Competing like a CrossFit athlete means practising training like one, over and over again. Being a stage performer means practising confidence and delivery for hours on end. Being a big shot business owner means acting like one right now, making the decisions they would make and showing up as they will.

For everything you want in your future there’s a method to getting it. Close the gap with practice.