A friend was feeling low and she couldn’t work out why. She was snapping at people, getting teary and engaging in self-sabotage instead of working on her art.

When she caught herself in the act, she simply retraced her steps.

She thought about the last time she had felt fine. She thought about what had happened to change her mood. She revisited past journal entries. She figured out what had triggered her into a low energy slump.

Whenever you’re feeling rubbish, retrace your steps and you’ll find out why.

That person who popped up on your LinkedIn feed who you don’t much like. That thing your partner did that grinds your gears. That comment from a friend. That old pattern you fell right into. That reminder of a weakness or an insecurity. All hold clues to changing your energy now and for next time.

Retrace your steps and work out what they’re trying to tell you.