I'm not a professional athlete. I run a business. But health, sport and fitness matter more to me than the business.

A past version of me wouldn't have admitted this.

I wouldn't have admitted it because I thought it would look like I wasn't committed. I thought my clients would worry. I thought my investors would be concerned.

Now I realise it's a superpower.

Paradoxically, the more you put health first the more your business succeeds.

  • Your boundaries are in place so you're more assertive and intentional
  • You look and feel better so you attract more opportunities
  • You know you can be happy with a super simple existence, so money and deals become a fun game rather than a reason for stress
  • You push yourself mentally and physically in training, so you can handle any business challenge that is thrown at you

Your obsession does not have to compromise your profession. It can make it better.