When you tirelessly put the hours in every day.

When it all gets a bit tough, do you know why you're doing what you do?

💸 Some are motivated by money. They want to see the number in the bank, to buy more of the stuff or access more of the experiences.

🌍 Some are motivated by freedom. They want autonomy over their time, location and actions.

😠 Some are motivated by being underestimated. They want to prove someone wrong. That family member or school bully.

🏅 Some are motivated by status and pride. They want other people to think they are doing well for themselves. They want their kids or peers or bosses to be proud of them.

🪦 Some are motivated by legacy. They want to be remembered after they're gone.

🥺 Some are motivated by desperation. They want to escape from a bad place or never have to go through something again.

📊 Some are motivated by competing. They want to beat people who they see as against them.

💫 Some people are motivated by potential. They want to find out what they are capable of, in whatever field they choose.

When it’s far from being easy, what keeps you going?