I'm not ashamed to admit I have a folder on my computer called the folder of motivation. It's where I keep screenshots of emails, quotes and concepts that keep me on track when I'm feeling a bit meh (technical term!)

There's one I'd like to share with you. I saved it back in 2016 and it's by James Altucher, an entrepreneur, angel investor, chess master and now podcaster. Its title is the 20 habits of eventual millionaires and the habits are as follows, with more detail in the image below:

1. Say "no"
2. Love
3. Make mistakes
4. Plant seeds
5. Be around people who are kind to you and love you
6. Stand next to the smartest person in the room
7. No excuses
8. Don't be in a rush
9. Solve difficult gratitude problems
10. Warren Buffet's 5/25 rule
11. Write down 10 ideas a day
12. Follow up
13. Ask questions
14. 1% a day
15. Right now
16. Sleep
17. Every day, avoid death
18. Do one thing every day you loved as a kid
19 and 20. Give yourself permission to sometimes be wrong

On their own, they make a small difference. But combined and compounded over years, you can see how these habits would eventually create millionaires.