Fear stories are told, often unsolicited, to us by others.

You’re having a baby, and someone needs you to hear their childbirth horror story.
You’re starting a business, and someone is adamant it will go wrong, as it did for them.
You’re looking forward to the theme park and they remind you of that rollercoaster crash.
You’re taking on a new challenge and warned by way of example not to get above your station.

Those who matter will encourage and support you. They’ll see the good. They’ll feel your excitement. They won’t feel the need to knock you down a peg.

Collect fear stories like Pokémon cards or Beanie Babies. See them for what they are and tick them off the list without internalising their message. Fear stories are someone else’s experience, someone else’s journey, but they don’t have to be yours.

You can choose to create space between you and the story. You can choose for it not to dampen your sparkle. Notice fear stories but don’t heed them.