Cruelty is weakness and everyone knows it

The happy person writes positive reviews, offers the benefit of the doubt, gives constructive criticism in private, and can see the other side of the story. The happy person serves to lift, elevate and inspire others, not complain and moan as one of life’s victims.

Truly happy, secure, and confident people do not put others down, gossip, or defame. They don’t need to. They are too busy focusing on their own game and they will continue to do so. They refuse to respond, comment, or even acknowledge the presence of naysayers or jealous onlookers.

In a world of shocking news headlines and sensationalism, you might think that everything is there for you to comment on. But it’s not. From Twitter users tweeting artists to tell them their work is rubbish, someone leaving a 1 star review of Scottish mountain Ben Nevis, to internet trolls and the gossipers who just can’t keep a dignified silence; showing cruelty, externalising negative opinions, or allowing yourself to form them in the first place is a recipe for unhappiness.

All cruelty stems from weakness. This applies every time you make a snide remark or cruel comment or do something in an attempt to defame. Those actions stem from insecurity or guilt. No mean comment ever made anyone look stronger, and I feel sorry for those who feel like they can only rise up by putting others down.

How you see the world is a reflection of your own strengths, weaknesses, talents and shortcomings. The pessimist, the cynic, and the no-hoper will experience a different reality than the chilled out, joy-spreading optimist.

Happy people see others as equals and develop empathy towards teammates. Strong individuals let things slide. Confident beings rise above the drama, believe their own truths and refuse to be dragged down. It only serves to infuriate, but they don’t mind that. They will rise, again and again, in superhero-like fashion and a way that seems unattainable to haters.

Choose your thoughts, actions and words carefully. Positive or negative? Optimist or pessimist? Radiator or drainer? Pick a side, because it will define you.