Having successful role models can be dangerous.

Role models should inspire you.
Role models should not make you feel envious or jealous in any way.

The power of having role models across different areas of life and business is that they make you realise that you can do it too. Anything! Not to make you feel unworthy or separate from them.

My role models are constant proof that the goals I am trying to achieve can be achieved.

If there is someone that you’re completely in awe of – someone who you almost think of as superhuman – type them into a podcast app and hear them talking about how they got started.

The more familiar you get with them the more you will feel like you can emulate their success rather than feeling like it’s unattainable.

Any sense of envy disappears.

Chances are they were just where you are. They solved similar problems and they made it out the other side, just like you will.