Most people overcomplicate marketing.

Here are the 5 ways I keep it simple at Coachvox:

Apply agency love to SaaS customers

I used to run an agency. Over-servicing comes naturally.

I thought this was a weakness but it’s actually a strength. Once someone is on board they get allll the attention.

How can you use your superpowers?

Showcase our creators

We chat to customers and learn their business.

We co-create new features with them and make them famous for their AI. They tell their friends.

How can you get closer to customers?

Pull on growth levers

Every business (and founder) has a growth lever, you just have to find it.

Use your ace cards. Our big growth lever is... a secret 😆

What's the true source of all your wins?

Ignore so-called competition

Other tools pop up claiming to do similar.

They bid on our brand name and copy our slogans. We respond by… not caring.

Focus on your own game.

We use our own product

If you wouldn’t buy (and love) your product, there’s a problem.

Coachvox is how we sell Coachvox, so we know it works. Having genuine confidence in what you offer makes the sell easy.

How could you love your product more?

Complex marketing strategy = surplus to requirements.

Keep it simple.

Which do you do too?