Here are the articles written for Forbes during October:

The 5 mistakes procrastinators make (and how to avoid them)
Getting stuff done is easy when you’re on a roll. You know the plan and you’re typing furiously on a mission to execute. Productivity is glorious. When you’re stuck in perfectionism and procrastination, however, it can be a tough loop to escape.

5 gamechanging Google Analytics 4 (GA4) insights for entrepreneurs
If you’re running a business that has a website, you need analytics. Knowing how people are finding and engaging with your website is golden information that you can build on. Understanding which pages resonate the most and the least with your target audience and finding new pockets of potential customers can scale a business far faster than anecdotal evidence and trial and error.

How to monetize your podcast: 6 proven methods
The number of podcasts out there has exploded in the last few years. In 2020 there were 700,000 podcasts but as of June 2022 there are 2.4 million podcasts with over 66 million episodes between them. The growth of podcasting is set to continue.

How to be more human at work
How many days have you spent sitting still, staring at a screen, typing methodically and moving only to visit the kitchen and bathroom? Most professionals would say quite a few. Modern offices can lead to unhealthy workplace habits that aren’t congruent with being more human.

The 5 questions successful entrepreneurs ask about their past
What led you here holds secrets. The place you are right now is a culmination of your thoughts, words and actions to date. If you’re in a good place, the effect was overall positive. But even then, could you have done more? Could you be further along? How do you know you’re in the best place you could be?

The 3 pieces of advice entrepreneurs would give their former selves
Looking back on your entrepreneurial journey, everything can make sense. Events seem connected, chance encounters seem destined and you appear to glide through every day knowing where you were headed. In reality, it’s not like that at all.

5 ways to stop overthinking at work
Overthinking is not a useful activity, yet most people do it to some extent. At work or in our business, it can be a serious hinderance. An email arrives and we read into every line, trying to decipher hidden meanings. A client leaves and we question our self-worth or wonder if we said something we shouldn’t have.

Rediscover your business mojo with the entrepreneurs’ energy score
Running a business during any stage takes energy, of the physical and mental kind. Energy to find your big idea, start executing, sell your products and services, find your target audience and set out to engage them.

5 straightforward ways to go from employed to self-employed
If you’re considering taking the leap from employment to self-employment, you’ll feel a mix of excitement and uncertainly. Starting a new business from scratch is a scary prospect for many, holding various unknowns.