We think we need wholesale changes or to go all the way back to the drawing board. We think we need to start from scratch, rethink everything and begin afresh.

What we actually need is a few small nudges.

  • You don’t need a new, radical diet; you need to change one small daily food habit.
  • You don’t need to move to a new, bigger city; you need to reach out to one new person every day.
  • You don’t need to sign up for a writing retreat; you need to write a few pages consistently.
  • You don’t need a meditation programme; you need to sit in stillness for a few minutes each morning.

It’s likely you’re on the right path, simply in need of a few course corrects.

It makes sense. At the very start you didn’t know the entire journey. You couldn’t have predicted what lay ahead. You didn’t see the bumps in the road, you didn’t pre-empt the rejections, you didn’t realise there would be steps backwards as well as steps forward.

Make tiny edits and small iterations. Remember they are part of the experience, not a reason to start again.