...without paying anything extra

Most people do roughly the same things at the roughly same times.

They use the gym between 6:30am and 8:30am. They eat lunch around 1pm. They eat dinner around 7:30pm. They shop on Saturdays, relax on Sundays and go exploring on the weekends. They book dinner for Valentine’s Day and a bar for New Year’s Eve and the popular film times at the cinema.

Living like this would always be crowded. Places would likely be busy, wait times would be longer, service might be worse and each experience is perhaps that little less enjoyable because of the sheer volume of people.

Everyone is doing what everyone is doing.

Paying for the first class experience means joining a more exclusive gym, eating at fancier restaurants, and booking the trips that price most people out.

But it’s not always necessary.

To get the first class experience without paying anything extra, switch your timings.

  • The gym is empty at 10am
  • The restaurant has no queue at 5:30pm
  • Working on Sunday means fewer distractions
  • A nature walk on Tuesday will be far more peaceful
  • Supermarkets are quiet outside of their peak hours
  • Even the busiest tourist town is quiet at 7am

Getting caught up in what everyone else is doing might not be serving you. Rework your days and weeks to get the first class experience you know you deserve.