The athlete trains to complete. To run the race like never before. To keep their cool in front of the crowd. The salesperson trains to close. To plan, pitch and seal the deal. To handle the objections and complete the sale.

The grand master trains to checkmate each opponent. The lawyer trains to fight in court. The boxer trains for the ring. The singer for the stage. The actor for the screen. The writer for the published book.

There’s no point in putting the work in only to shy away from the performance. No point in nerves, jitters or complaining. No point in all of it if you crumble in the arena.

The pinnacle of your training is what you do with it. How you use it when the stakes are high.

When you take the mic on stage. When you’re asked a tough question. When you sidestep to dodge a blow and return one straight away. When you hit submit, hear action or when the curtain rises. This is what we train for.