Oprah once said she doesn’t want “to just be successful in this world… to make a mark or have a legacy.” Instead, she wants “to fulfil the truest, highest expression of [her]self as a human being.”


Some questions:

Am I fulfilling the highest, truest expression of myself as human being?
Are you fulfilling the highest, truest expression of yourself as human being?
And if we’re not, why not? What’s stopping us?

When I heard Oprah say this I wrote it down and stared at the words. The closest I came to an answer was to close my eyes and picture the version of myself that was fulfilling their truest, highest expression.

Then I journaled about the gap.

The gap is everything that’s different between myself now and that version of me. What they know that I don’t yet. What they have that I don’t yet. Who they are that I’m not yet. What they say, what they do, how they show up and what they bring to the table.

The gap reveals all. The gap holds the answers. The gap shows the way.

Your turn.