The word mantra has two Sanskrit roots. 'Manas' meaning ‘mind’ and 'tra' meaning ‘tool’. A mantra is a tool of thought.

At the start of each year I choose a mantra. This mantra will sum up the year and underpin what I do.

In 2018 it was: If you’re going through hell, keep going. Told to me by a friend, I think this is a Churchill quote. At the time I felt like I had loads of problems to work out and this line reminded me to just power through, which turned out to be the right move.

In 2019 it was: We are what we repeatedly do. This mantra inspired me to create advantageous habits and put the work in with my writing and business, creating and producing every single day.

In 2020 it was: I am the hero of my own life. This mantra inspired me to own my reality and make things happen despite any adversity. Little did I know before 2020 it would be needed so much.

In 2021 it was: Jump and the net will appear. This mantra was to inspire me to take leaps into the unknown. To say yes to new experiences and not need to know the outcome. It led to changes in both vocation and location.

In 2022 it’s: Uncommon amongst uncommon. This mantra is borrowed from author, athlete and ex-Navy SEAL David Goggins and is about surrounding yourself with people at the top of their game, who inspire you to up yours. It’s about becoming outstanding within these circles and holding your own in every scenario.

I often write the year’s mantra at the top of journal entries and recite it to myself whenever I need to hear it, to get back on track or make a key decision.

Aligning your thoughts and energy is a powerful way to have the year you plan to and I’m looking forward to seeing what this one holds.

I’d love to hear your mantra for 2022.